Monday, June 15, 2009

Four Months

Last week at school Mallorie and Hannah had "Beach Day". They get to take their beach towels, cameras, mp3's, basically whatever they want. They can just relax and have fun with their friends. I only found 4 pictures of just Mally on her camera and one of them was by accident.

Saturday I decided to make cookies to give as part of a birthday present for one of their friends. Well, they turned out awful, so we ate them instead. It was difficult, but somebody had to do it!
Guess who made these cookies?

That's right. Rusty wanted to see if he could make them. I showed him how to roll them out and cut them. Now I think I'll just go roll into a ball and sleep for the rest of the summer. He has now shown that he doesn't need me for his bi-weekly cookie baking and we all know that if you can make cookies, well, you can do it all!!
On Sunday Ava turned four months old. She is officially the cutest baby I have ever seen. And NO I am not biased. At all.
To see her three month pic, click here.

The difference isn't huge, but she really has grown. Her head is bigger. She is still in her 0-3 months clothes, but we are almost ready for 3-6 months. The onsie she is wearing in this pic was 3-6 months and it is just so baggy on her. She sits up without bobbling her head around and grabs everything!! She also talks all the time.

It's like all of a sudden one day she just woke up and decided to hit 6 milestones in a week. It does make us very proud of her, especially as much as she is held. It's not just me either. Everyone around her wants to hold her. If you were with her, you would too. She's just a happy, snugly, sweet baby. She truly, rarely cries.

Monday afternoon I took her to the doctor's office for her checkup. She's a whole 14 lbs and 24 inches long. Still in the 50th percentile. Judging by this girls thighs I would think she's a whole lot heavier than she is. She does have a little waist though, so I guess that makes up for the thighs!

Her doctor said I could start giving her a little bit of cereal and then next week some veggies. You know me though...we had to try rice cereal and veggies tonight. I know you should wait to see if they have an allergic reaction to anything first, but none of us have food allergies & I don't think one is going to suddenly appear in a family with no family history of food allergies.

So anyway, first we tried the rice cereal mixed with breastmilk. She liked this. Or, atleast, she didn't seem too disgusted by it. At first I made it very watery and then the more I gave her and she was getting the idea of how to swallow it, I thickened it up.

Here we are trying the cereal. Not bad!

Happy baby....

Next we tried the peas. Much like her PawPaw, she HATED them! Hannah and Mally loved watching her eat these because her face just looked so confused and disgusted. She would try to smile because Hannah and Mally were laughing so hard, but then couldn't because she was so bothered by what was in her mouth.

As if this face isn't enough to prove how much she dislikes peas, I am providing you with a video below. Poor kiddo, it must have been sheer torture to have to try so many different things in one day.


After the peas we tried sweet potatoes. She did much better with these, but still thought they were a little weird. I got video of these too just because she was so much fun to watch. And, I want to be able to remember her first taste of baby food.

Umm. I want to know, can you do this:

I don't think you can. Well, maybe some of you, but this was pretty amazing. Then, she decided to suck her toe. mmmmm, so yummy! And, in good mommy fashion, I got video for your viewing pleasure. (please note that all of the videos were done with Mally's point and shoot digital camera, so the quality isn't very good and there is a strange line in all pictures and video taken with this camera)

I haven't downloaded Hannah's pics yet. So tonight I will and I will give Hannah a little post just for her! I hope you have a great day and enjoy the videos!

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sbeudy said...

I love the video of her sucking her toes. Alissa still likes her toes.