Sunday, June 21, 2009

Baby Beat Down

Last week at Mallorie's end of the year picnic, this was what Ava did the whole time. It was a really nice breezy day, so I just put her down on the blanket and she slept the whole time. Mallorie snuggled her for a little while, until the sand and playground equipment looked like more fun!
On Thursday, after their last day of school, they donned their swimwear (from last year) and played out in the sprinkler. My quickly dying lawn gets a watering and the girls get worn out! It's a win-win situation!!
Here's a sad story for ya:
Thursday was the last day of school for Hannah and Mally. I got there for the assembly at 11:30 and they had a few fifth graders give speeches. Then they announced three of the teachers that lost their jobs due to budget cuts that the (not so) awesome state of California are forcing on our schools. Anyway, Mallorie's teacher, Mr. Baca, was one of the teachers being let go. (Due to him being one of the newer teachers and not being protected by tenyear(sp?)) Anyway. When they dismissed all the kids I found Mallorie first and her head was down and her face all red. As soon as I got to her she just burst into tears. She just begged-truly begged- not to have to leave school. I guess in her mind if school wouldn't end, then her teacher wouldn't have to leave either. I didn't cry, but I got a huge lump in my throat. He was her favorite teacher and one that Rusty and I both adored! I cannot believe that this is happening to our teachers. It scares me what will come next. Our school system is already one of the worst in the nation!
Now, on to a lighter subject:
Today Rusty and I were in the kitchen and we heard the girls being loud in the living room. We heard what we thought was running and jumping. Now mind you, they had Ava in there with them, so we automatically assumed that they were being rough with her. We ran in there about to tell them to be careful with her and not to rough house when they are holding the baby. Little did we know......

That's right. Ava was takin' em down! I guess we should have been more worried for Hannah and Mallorie's safety than Ava's this time.

We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend. Rusty was off on Friday and the girls were out of school so we got to hang out and rearrange the house. (because that's what we do for fun around here...rearranging things.) We love to rearrange because your house gets a major deep clean when you move stuff. I'm always amazed how dusty everything is. I guess it's because our windows are always open and it's so windy here.

For Father's Day we gave Rusty some swim trunks....and stuff the girls threw together from around the house. For example: Mallorie gave him a picture of herself and toothbrush covers, wrapped in FOIL! Hannah gave him a picture of us girls, a package of post it notes, his own watch and then for tissue paper used some junk she found laying around the house. He is so sweet. He told them how much he loved it all, I don't know if I would have said the same. They are too funny, they always want to make sure you get a lot of stuff. Hmmm, I wonder where they got that idea. OH, I know. Two Christmases ago, Rusty forgot to buy stocking stuffers for my stocking and I guess he noticed that every one else's stocking had lots of stuff in them, so he stuffed mine with stuff he found around the house. He can't deny it. There was a open and used deck of cards and I can't even remember what else. I just remember how funny it was.

He didn't forget last year.


sbeudy said...

OMG you all are too funny. I LOVE it.

AmyB said...

that video is too ava's face!