Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Again...

Bad news folks. Hannah has what looks like poison ivy again. This time on her neck/shoulder area. The other day Rusty told me that he had what looked like poison ivy on his hand. For quite some time I had been suspicious of a plant out in the back yard, but Rusty kept telling me that it was not poison ivy.

Well today Hannah showed me her bumps and I decided to finally look up the plant.

We had always gone by that saying: Leaves of three, let it be. Our plant has 5, but it is a vine. So I did some research and it turns out that poison ivy can grow in groups of 3, 5, or 7! Look at my lush gardens of poison ivy. I must say I have done a wonderful job of growing something that my precious daughter is highly allergic to. We water back there all the time.

Look how giant those suckers are! Poor baby didn't have a chance.

I asked Rusty how he might have gotten the rash and he remembered moving some of our firewood the other day. Of course. And he is very allergic to this stuff as well. At least I know ahead of time what it is and I can call her doctor tomorrow and make arrangements to get her a shot so that it doesn't end up like this:
This was Christmas last year. She got a little too close to it at some body's house and it ended up looking like this. It was sad, horrifying and down right pitiful! I never want to see my sweet girl like this again. We were so scared her throat might close up. We ended up at Minor Emergency and Hannah had to get a shot in her bootay! Here is a link to that post if you wanted to relive that nightmare!

Anyway, she doesn't seem too bothered or itchy at this point and they just showed up today. Hopefully if we catch it as soon as it starts we can get it knocked out FAST! Besides we have a wedding to look perty for next weekend.

In other news, Hannah claims that she knows Rex Kwon Do's phone number (from Napoleon Dynomite) and she will call him to kick my hiney! Ooh, she's a meany!
We did start our at home summer school lessons today. We did spelling and a craft. It was a light day since we had to take Rusty to the airport so early and we were sleepy. They had so much fun and begged to keep going with the spelling activity I did! I was so impressed. Tomorrow is free movie day and then it is math lessons.
We're going to be staying busy this week and I know that will help the girls not dwell on Rusty being gone all week. We all desperately miss him, but are so glad he is getting to be a part of this program that helped put us through college!
Hope you all have a wonderful week.

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Anonymous said...

Aw man. I'm so allergic to poison oak that I swell like a balloon. Poor baby.