Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vacation Fun

Oh My! We've finally arrived back home from visiting our family in the hottest place on earth. I know many of you will disagree with that statement, but my gosh Texas is stinkin' hot! When we arrived back home last night the temperature was only 66 degrees. I was actually chilly when we got out of the car. Ahhhhh, how nice!

I have tons of pictures to share and may even break them up to make it easier on myself.(and you)

First things first. Our original reason to heading to Texas in July was to be part of my little sister's wedding. I think just last year she never thought this day would come and now here she is. Married. Currently on her honeymoon. Moving into to her own home. What a blessing. And she married a wonderful man. Unlike most of Lamar County, she actually married some one who she didn't grow up with. This has been so strange to me. So foreign. I mean who goes off and marries some one that they haven't known since they were 7?

Oh, most people? I didn't know. I thought it was strange.
So this cake decor was last minute. Kent is or was raised farming. Naturally the grooms cake has farm equipment on it. This was by far the BEST chocolate cake I have ever eaten!! Yummmmmy!

Becky's cake was also heavenly. White cake with strawberry in one layer, lemon in one and maybe strawberry again. Then giant coconut shavings all over it. Then an E at the top to represent their last name. Lovely!

Dad and Boo. So sweet. She's a grown up. Sigh.

Becky and my new Brother-in-Law Kent. I couldn't be happier for the two of them.

I wish I had a picture of Becky's shoes to show on here. Dad gave her Ruby Red Sippers to wear on her wedding day. They were so beautiful. And very tall. I can't believe she wore them all night. I know her feet were killing her.

My Nanny was there. I know I've mentioned her before. She got to meet Ava Rose for the first time ever. I think Ava liked her. She sang her a lullaby. I cried. I miss you so much Nanny and wish so much that I lived closer so you could sing Ava lullabies more often!
Ava also really liked her breathing tube. But really, who wouldn't? Ava pretty much likes anything she can grab at this point. Nan, just be glad it wasn't your hair she was going after!!

Pre-wedding, this is what we did. Well, when I say we, I mean my children and hubby. Ava swam a little bit, but also got lots of attention and playtime with her Poppie. She loved all the attention she got from all of her grandparents. I loved it too. She smiled, talked, laughed. I love this kid and I am so thankful God picked her for me. She has been a wonderful addition to our family and Hannah and Mallorie love her just as much. I was so afraid things would be hard on them, but they adore being big sisters and they are good at it too!

Rusty swam with the girls and was so sweet to them. Maybe this isn't the most flattering shot, of either of them, but I like it. They were having so much fun.

This next shot is horrible and I know it. I took a picture like a millisecond after my mom, so I picked up her flash on them. I love this shot though, because it's so Hannah and it kind of reminds me of how so many of our pictures looked from the 80's!

Here's Rusty with all his girls. It's pretty impossible to get a pic of all of them looking at me at the same time.

More tomorrow. I have got to get ready for church. I'm going to attempt to feed Ava baby food during class. I see a disaster in my future!!


Olson Family said...

So good seeing you guys!!! FUNNY comments about marrying someone you haven't known since you were seven:) It worked in my favor because Erik had NO idea the dork I was growing up:!!!! No one from Paris would have married me...haha...

sbeudy said...

Love the pictures of Rusty and the girls. Looks like they were all having fun.