Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vanilla Flavored Yum

I just made my first ever homemade ice cream! Pictures will be posted of the carnage left behind tomorrow night. I was told by one our friends that we go to church with that she has never eaten homemade ice cream.
You heard right.
Well, tomorrow night when we have our home study group over, she's gonna stuff her pie hole with my first ever (and may I add PHENOMENAL) homemade Ice Cream! That's right. I'm bragging. Rusty and I just tried a bite before it went into the freezer to sit for the night and I'm not trying to talk bad about my husband here, but he may or may not have groaned and then dipped his Keebler Peanut Butter cookie into the ice cream. We have problems folks, real problems!

Enough about that. Makes ya want ice cream though, doesn't it?!

Tonight Rusty and the other youth leader threw a Wii tournament for the teens and pre-teens at our church and community. They had three TVs set up with a Wii at each one. Punch out was going on at one, the other was Mario Kart and then the other was Wii Sport. Hannah did really well at Punch Out, she kicked Rusty's butt and made it into the top tier of the tournament. She was very proud of herself. She loves playing Video games and especially loves playing them with Rusty. I was always a huge fan of Donkey Kong myself and of course Super Mario. Hannah and Rusty though, well, they're into the hard games. Mallorie and I just kick back and watch. And sometimes I snore. But only sometimes.

Well, that's all I have to say for today. I have some fun stuff to post tomorrow....sometime.


Anonymous said...

You are SO did everyone like the homemade ice cream??? Leave it to a Texan to introduce good food.....fried okra, homemade ice cream, gumbo....
I need to send you my homemde southern praline recipe-- California is in for a treat.

We love your blog. thanks.
Love MOM

Anonymous said...

Go Hannah!!! Love MiMi.

Melissa said...

Never had homemade ice cream? Craziness!!!

I made some for Dad on fathers day. Oooooh so wonderful. I had to give it all to them though because I would have ate it all in one sitting if no one was watching. Yum!