Monday, July 13, 2009

Chucky Poo

First off, I need to say that the homemade ice cream was a huge hit! This is all that was left of a nearly full container. A few people brought toppings, to which I told them weren't needed, but they insisted. I personally cannot add anything to onto my homemade ice's perfect just left alone.

The second thing I need to say, or confess, is that as I am writing this I have turned on the TV for some "noise" and what is on? Chuck Norris. Oh, yeah! The sad part is.....I've seen this one before. He just did the most amazing jump kick I've ever seen. They don't make 'em like they used to.

Friday night I went to Bunco. I lost. I lost REAL BAD! We play 36 games (or 6 rounds) and I lost 26. Unbelievable! I have never lost before, but this time the loser prize was awesome! I got a green canvas picnic basket (great for the beach) and a $5 Subway gift card.

If the loser prize was this awesome every time, I would probably try to lose more. This thing will be going everywhere with me this summer.

Mallorie, Hannah, Ava and I went out to "padiddle" this morning and found some really cool stuff. At Michael's they had a school section and I found this spiral bound dry erase board set. It has a section for multiplication & division, cursive, money counting and a few other things. It came with a dry erase marker and was less than ten bucks. The girls are already excited to do all the pages. Well, except Mally with the money page. She hates counting coins!

They also got little horse figurines. Mallorie has a large collection going on already, so every once in a while we add to that collection. She has a shoebox that she decorated with blue tape that houses all these animals. We also hit up this store called, Cookin' Stuff. It has everything you could ever dream of for making dinner, desserts & stuff I've never even heard of. We bought some new cookie cutters because tonight we are making cookies to give to other people and we needed some new cutters. We got a frog, heart, mermaid (or wormaid), and a butterfly. I cannot wait to let them bake them and then decorate. That is, if they don't eat all the cookie dough first.

The other day I mentioned Becky's ruby red slippers she wore during her wedding. Here they are. My cousin Melissa took the picture. Check out her website here. I thought this was a great pic, and even cuter is the fact that she included the wedding rings on the toe area.

And in ending this post:
Man, that Chuck Norris (or Chucky Poo, because you know under that super manly exterior, he's just a big softy) can beat up anybody!

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Anonymous said...

Of course he can. He's Chuck Norris!!

Yes, the ice cream was a huge hit with my taste buds. Nom nom nom.

I hope you're coming to the movies tomorrow!