Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Five Months

It's still a few minutes before midnight here so I still have a few minutes to post Ava's five month pics.

I can't believe she is already five months old. Two weeks ago she started kind of staying up for a few seconds when we sat her down. I figured it was just a random fluke and that she wasn't really sitting up. Now, we know, she really can sit up. When she falls to the front or sides, she catches herself by putting her hands down. I am so amazed. She still has not rolled over, nor does she act like she wants to, but she sits up, no problem. And she says "mama"....or really she just mimics what the girls tell her to say. We've also heard hi, nana, yaya and mana. This may sound selfish, but I am so glad she said mama first. Hannah and Mally said dada first, so this was my turn! Yay!

She also does this. All the time. Every time we put her in her carseat, she scrunches down in the seat and tries to not let us buckle her. It's funny, except when we are in a hurry and she is refusing to get buckled. Usually she also starts crying too. I don't blame her, it's probably really boring to sit facing the back all the time.

I just thought this next pic was kind of cute. She is so pretty and is starting to look so big. She is wearing a 3-6 months and sometimes I can fit her into a 6-9 months. And even stranger is that she still comfortably wears a lot of her 0-3 months outfits. Certain places run so big and some so small. I bought her size 3 diapers tonight. They come up a little high, but fit her fine. She has grown so much over the last month, it's crazy!

And last, but not least, here is her monthly pic. This month we didn't have to lean her against the corner of the couch just to keep her up. This month I had to keep pushing her back to get her to look at me and be in the same position as usual. Ugh, she's growing up on me! She's still sweet as ever and sleeping really well. Her favorite foods are bananas, sweet potatoes, squash, apple sauce, green beans and pears. Basically everything except peas! She also really loves her baby oatmeal. She eats so well and I can hardly keep her out of our food. Also, this month she has started crying when I leave her with some one else. And she'll cry if we are eating and she doesn't get a bite. I don't know if she's really aggravated about that or not, but it certainly seems like it. She plays on her tummy for 20 min stretches now and can get all the way up on her arms and on her knees as well, but not at the same time. I know it won't be long before she figures that one out. Oh, and no teeth yet. I'm glad, I'm not ready to not see those gums shining out at me everytime she smiles yet. I'll miss it.


Pope Life said...

She is sooo cute and I love her name. Ava Rose just sounds so pretty. I am so happy I got to see you at Becky's wedding. Just wish I could have had a chance to chat with you a little longer than we did.

AmyB said...

Cute, cute! Different Nutt family, not related.

mandijo said...

She is getting so big and adorable as usual. Some pictures I see so much of Rusty and others so much of you!! I saw that you commented on our site, thanks! I use a Canon Rebel SLR and I have a few lenses that I use. I also have a point and shoot too, it really just depends on where we are which one I use. I added our email address to our site if you ever want to email. Your girls are adorable. Tell Rusty hi from us too.