Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Ahhh, what a hard life. This was the scene today. Sunshine, clear water, nice breeze. It was by all beach standards: perfect!
We had a lot of fun. Hannah and Mally stayed in the ocean the entire 3 hours we were there. Well, except when I made them get out for more sunscreen and for a picture with their friends.

There are a lot of pictures in this post, so hope you enjoy.

The view today was so pretty. A thin marine layer was coming in so it gave a bit of a fog to the horizon, but otherwise it was picture perfect.
Mallorie took her boogie board and had a ball! She is already asleep tonight from all the playing she did today.

The picture below is most of our set-up. I didn't include mine, but we have three sand buggy things (Thanks Mom and Dad for mine, it has already proven a life saver when we go to the beach!) to carry all the stuff down. Today there were four moms, three babies, a toddler, and nine kids. So as you can imagine, we have a large amount of stuff to carry down to the beach.
I am so obsessed/excited about Ava sitting up by herself. I can't quit taking pictures of her doing it! Today she got excited and rocked back and forth and didn't even fall over. I wasn't expecting it to happen this soon. So, yay for Ava!
Another view. Squeee, so stinkin' cute!
This is Maddy, she hung out with Ava and I when Ava was awake. She kept telling her to roll over. I think Ava was listening because she kept trying.

She kept an eye out on her sisters when we went down to the water's edge to see them. I haven't let her feel the water yet. It's just too cold and I am afraid that if I walk out there with her then I may get knocked over and she would fall into the ocean scaring her for life. I know it's a bit dramatic, but it could happen!
She couldn't believe that Hannah and Mallorie were catching such big waves!

Here are the water babies now. This is them with their friend Kaylee. They all love to stay out there as long as they can!

Here we are with most all of the girls. The boys were too busy looking for buried treasure or something equally important.
Here is what Ava did for about 2 of the hours we were there. This is what I always want to do when we go to the beach. The noise and air temp are perfect for an afternoon nap.She slept so soundly, maybe we should head down to the beach more often for nap time.
Hannah "surfer girl" Banana:
Told ya I'm a little obsessed!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness.....can I come too? Looks like you all had great day at the beach. Thanks for all the pictures & daily news.
H&M are turning into mermaids. Ava is cutie pie. Love Mom aka MiMi.

AmyB said...

Super cute! So how did you guys end up in Cali anyway? Where do you live exactly?