Saturday, June 13, 2009

Talent Show

Here's the Talent Show Video from Thursday night. Hannah obviously needs to, umm, pee really bad! She barely moved while she was up there and as soon as she came off stage she came and found me so I could take her to find a potty. Too stinkin' funny!

I am so GLAD this performance is finally done and over with. It is just never worth all the drama that five girls bring into the picture! They are so caddy and turn on each other within seconds. Ugh, girls. Oh well, it's done. Over. And I am happy. They were very happy with themselves & that's all you could ever ask for. Next year if Hannah wants to do this again, she will have to do a solo act or with just one person. No more big groups.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Rusty and I are off to a date night (with Ava of course) and then church as always! I will post again VERY soon!

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sbeudy said...

Aww they were so cute!