Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lost & Found

I'm sitting here in a silent house. It's late. Every one is asleep and I finally feel I have some quiet me time. I need to go to bed, but there are more pressing matters to attend to. Things like this blog and then possibly finishing off the dirty dishes. It's really only silverware though. Rusty did everything but the silverware. So weird.

If you notice the title to my blog "Lost & Found". This week I found something that I hadn't seen since before Ava was born and I was beginning to think I would never see again. I have been feeling ill over it. I remembered trying to put it on right before I had her and it wouldn't fit, so I left it on my dresser. I never saw it again. This week I found it. In the deep, dark crevice of the couch. I screamed. I praised God. This is probably my favorite, most loved gift that Rusty has ever given to me & I couldn't imagine not having it anymore.
Speaking of Found things:
Our blackberry bush is starting to show signs of life. Hannah and Mally love to pick the berries once they get to the perfect shade of black. They are so sweet and juicy. Yes, about 3 to 4 shirts will be ruined over the course of Spring and Summer. But that's okay, it's what being a kid is all about!

I also would like to show another "found" item. Every time I upload my pictures to my blog I find pictures of Mally, by Mally. In all of my folders of pictures on my computer there are at least 100 pictures of Mallorie by Mallorie. She loves to take pictures of herself. That pink smudge you see on the end of her nose. Well, that happens to be jelly. Of the strawberry variety. I'm surprised it wasn't on more than just her nose.
I love this girl. She's my Mini-me.

This item was neither lost or found, but given. A very sweet lady named Carol who is a grandmother at the school Hannah and Mally attend gave this to Ava as a gift. I couldn't believe it when I got it. She makes these as gifts, as well as quilts and other items. I never expected to receive something so sweet and especially not something handmade. That's my favorite kind of gift. In this pic, Mally is modeling it for us. Ava is too small to use it yet, but this, I can tell, will be a very used towel. How perfect for the beach, swimming pool, bath time. You name it. Aaaannndd, it's monogrammed. yay.

I also found this picture. Mallorie took it at the same time she was taking many pictures of herself. I just wanted to show how hard the winds have been blowing here. Just look at the palm trees in the background. I have heard that when we have earthquakes they sway back and forth really hard. I haven't been outside during one yet, so I can't say one way or another. I can say that if I am outside and there is an earthquake strong enough for me to notice, I probably won't remember to look at the palm trees to notice their majestic swaying. I just said majestic. I was trying to be funny. No, not funny? Sorry.

And if you have OCD you probably also noticed that our trash can was laying over in our yard. It was trash day and that is why they are out in the street and lately the trash guy has been knocking it over when he lays it back down. I let Rusty pick it up when he gets home. That is one job that I can't do. I loath the garbage cans outside. They ALWAYS have spider webs all over the handles and ants on them & I don't want to come into contact with either!!! !!! !!!! (just to show you how serious I am, I used a lot of exclamation points)!!!!!!!!!!

Friday was the olympics for their school. Both girls participated in the ball throw and then a sprint race. Mally does not like this stuff at all. She always thinks she is the worst person out on the field, so here Rusty is giving her a pep talk and trying to make her smile.

Miss Hannah did a pretty good job. She loves these olympic days, but she also swears she can throw the ball over the fence when she is really, really far away from it. Whopper deluxe!

Yay, she's finally smiling. It breaks my heart that she's so critical of herself. I am trying so hard to change that about her. If you have any ideas, please let me know. I want to build this kids self esteem!

This pic was just the girls standing side by side. They really are the same size now. It's crazy. For a little while Hannah was at least a noticeable inch or two taller than Mally, but now it seems as though Mally might be even with Hannah. I never thought this would happen. I always figured Mally would be shorter, but she may be when she's older. I remember lots of really tall girls when we were little that ended up being the shorter ones when we were in highschool. I think they all just hit their growth spurts earlier than the rest of us.

Here is Miss Hannah racing to the finish line. She got fourth place in the 50 meter dash. Not too shabby!

I just noticed that I did not put one picture of Ava on this post. I am so ashamed. In my defence I have not been taking many photos lately because a certain some one whose name starts with an H and ends with one too, dropped my camera. It still takes pictures, but the cover for the battery pack is now loose.

Let me tell ya though, Ava is fun. She talks all the time now and thinks we're all just hilarious. This is such a fun age to me. I will say that the chewing and gnawing on our knuckles all the time is bringing on tons of drool, but it must make her feel so much better. She bit down so hard today on one of the toys on her excersaucer that her gums actually bled a little. It was so sad. I gave her a soft rag with cold water on it to chew on and that brought out a huge smile!

There she is.

And look what I found:
Now I have bath time pics of all the girls in Mimi's sink. This would have been while we were in for Mally's First birthday, Hannah's third. They're so precious! Obviously Hannah was a little too big for the sink, but who cares. When you're at Mimi and Poppy's, the rules don't apply!

Found another one! Okay, and now, this next one is just cute. I was Rusty's old jersey from junior high or high school. Ugh, how cute is she!?!
Here is Hannah and Ava to end this really long post. I found lots of stuff this week. Jewelery, old pictures, fruit, pictures of super close up Mally. It just goes to show that if you don't look to hard for something, it always seem to pop up. Or, there is inspiration for a blog anywhere. Or, well, I don't have a good "saying" to leave you with today, so I guess I should just stop now.
Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

You write the best blog! I loved the pics today....Love Mom aka MiMi

ashley anthony said...

you cracked me up. i was imagining the majestic sway of the palm trees during a quake, but i would be with you not seeing them cause i was running for cover.

Anonymous said...

Aw. I'm glad you found the bracelet. I remember you wearing it all of the time. I love the photos this time. And I'm jealous- I want blackberries!