Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Science Lesson

Wednesday morning while I was loading the girls in the car, they started yelling that they found a hummingbird nest in the tree next to the car.

I say; okay, hurry up, get in the car, you can show me after school. All in that order I'm pretty sure.

Anyway, so this afternoon when we got home they still remembered and showed me what they found.

It was a hummingbird nest. And there was a hummingbird in it when we got back home. So I assume automatically that there are probably eggs in there. I grab my camera and without disturbing the nest, reach up and snap a pic since it was too high for us to see into. Here is what I see when I bring my camera back down:
These eggs are as tiny as a fingernail! I knew they would be tiny, but was somewhat shocked by their size. They're smaller than a peanut M&M. I told the girls to keep a ear out every morning when we are leaving for school and when they hear some new birds chirping we would peak again (and hopefully snap a quick picture). This was such a wonderful opportunity to get to talk about not touching eggs and learning to respect this mommy bird's nest. The very day before, Mallorie had to write some paragraphs about mother birds protecting their nests, so this was a neat way to continue that lesson.
The mommy was flying around watching very closely. I have NEVER seen a hummingbird land on a branch or sitting in a nest. I noticed that when we got in the car, she came back to her nest immediately. I wanted a pic, but was having a hard time getting one. When we rolled down the window for me to snap a picture, it spooked her and she flew off. I had the girls get really quiet and we waited for about three minutes until she finally came back to her nest. Here she is:
This is an avocado tree in our neighbors back yard, but whose branches hang just over the fence onto our driveway. (I can't wait to get some of those avocados this year!) I love it when nature provides a teaching opportunity like this. Hannah and Mallorie were so excited by this. When her eggs hatch and she is finished with her nest I am going to get the nest for Hannah and Mallorie. (Dad, is this ok...or do birds re-use other birds' nests?)

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. It rained a little and was nice and cool all day. There was some thunder, which is strange here, but oh so welcome!! It was the kind of day where all you want to do is curl up and nap. Well, that is just what Ava and I did today. I was really sleepy because I stayed up too late and had to get up with her twice last night. She takes a long nap around 10 everyday, so we snuggled up and passed out for about an hour. We ran to Target after school and found Independence Day flip flops in the dollar spot that the girls can wear at the reception at Aunt Boo's wedding. They're so cute!
Also, I just have to get this off of my chest. To preface this story, please note that this was in a pretty nice area and people are usually very nice and keep to themselves.
Today at the bank I was filling out a deposit slip when in walks this man singing somewhat loudly. Another man who was filling out a deposit slip asked him to please quiet down and the guy loudly says "Freedom of speech. Look it up."
Yeah, he said that.
When we are in line waiting the man who asked him to quiet down said he was sorry and wasn't trying to be rude, but that he simply couldn't concentrate with the man singing so loudly. To which the offending singer replied,"Hey man, this is America, not Iraq". I WISH I had more guts. I wanted to spin around and tell him to please go look up "Freedom of Speech". Learn what it means and then go learn some manners. (then I could picture myself hitting him with my giant purse, putting my nose in the air and saying, Well, I Never, like they did in the movies a long time ago)
After I took care of my banking business with the teller, I went up to the man in line who had originally asked him to quiet down and thanked him for at least trying to get him to hush. He was so polite and said that maybe the guy was having a bad day or something. I said, "Bad day or not, that doesn't excuse his horrible manners". Everyone in line started agreeing out loud that what he did was great and the guy did have bad manners.
Let this be a lesson to you. If you are ever in a bank talking or singing too loud and someone asks you to pipe down, please don't use the Freedom of Speech line. It makes you look stoooopid.
There, now go have a wonderful day today.

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