Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Frozen Tuesdays

Yesterday after school I took the kids to Golden Spoon. It's a frozen yogurt place in town that was hosting a fund raiser for their school and the teachers were working there. I took wonderful pictures of the girls mid-bite. Those are always the best, huh!?

This is Hannah's twin. No, I mean it. You didn't know I had twins did you?

I am just kidding. These two do have the exact same birthday though. Even same year, and believe it or not, they act a lot alike! He's the son of one of my dear friends & we always laugh because Hanny and Mally share a birthday with her son and then Ava was sharing a due date with her daughter. Her daughter actually ended up coming on the 12th of February, but her due date was the 14th, so our kids are almost all twins! How cool would that have been if all our kids had the same birthdays!
Mallorie was just about to give Ava a giant spoonful of yogurt, but I decided she shouldn't. I don't know, it just didn't seem right. I mean, I don't want to get hooked on the sweet stuff too soon. She has to wait until she's at least a year or two old before that happens.
I did give her her first taste of water and a little watered down apple juice today. She did okay. It was cold, so I don't think she was too excited by that. I wanted to introduce her to it now so that when we are in Texas in July and at the beach all summer she would be able to take a cold drink without freaking out or choking. I definitely don't want to give her apple juice all the time, but every once in a while won't hurt.
By the way, Ava has been grabbing everything I have in my hands and trying to eat it. She gnaws on my knuckles all the time and hers too. And when I am drinking out of a water bottle, she wants to try too. It's really funny, she opens her mouth and waits for me to tip it a little. Today I let a little go in her mouth and she didn't choke, but it all ran out of her mouth and then she just smiled.
See, told ya. Mid bite photo. Too funny. Mally had Strawberry Banana yogurt with mini M&M's mixed in. Yeah, I know the M-e-M's aren't healthy at all, but this was a big time treat and it was fun to sit around with friends.
I think Hannah had Cookie's and Cream flavored yogurt mixed with cookie dough. She always, always gets cookie dough. Usually, if they have a sour flavored yogurt that is what she orders and still gets the cookie dough. She totally has the strangest favorite flavors.
Ava's video isn't of anything spectacular, just her getting aggravated that I wouldn't get her out of her car seat while we were at the frozen yogurt place. Come to think of it, all the videos are boring, but I always find something funny about them. Usually the way they act or the way they are talking. They're just so cute.

Hannah and Mally were so good today and I enjoyed going with them to have some yummy yogurt. I only got one bite from Mally and none from Hannah. I guess she wasn't in the sharing mood. I did make them pay for the yogurt today. I'm mean. I know. But, I am trying really hard to stay on a budget and FOUR DOLLAR frozen yogurts were NOT on my budget. Yikes. How can they justify charging that much for yogurt. Anywho, it was a nice and semi-healthy after school snack.

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