Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Laugh Unveiled

I finally caught Ava laughing on my camera today. She first laughed when we were visiting Texas and since then I have been trying to catch her with my camera every time she laughed, but could not. I guess I needed Rusty's help to get her to laugh...Daddy's are so good at that stuff!!

So, here's the little munchkin giggling to Rusty's overly dramatic sneezes. Another funny bit of these videos is that Hannah and Mallorie were not in the room watching, but in their beds going to sleep. You can hear them laughing and talking in the background. They love to hear Ava laugh, it's so infectious!

On another note, I think Ava's eye is completely healed. When she was born and for the next few weeks we noticed a lot of drainage from her right eye. I thought that maybe because of the traumatic (I say that because of how fast she came out and how bruised she was) birth that maybe her eye had been affected and would get better on it's own. When I asked her pediatrician about it, she said that it was a blocked duct and that it would eventually heal/open itself or we would have to have a procedure on it when she was closer to a year old. I researched the procedure and knew immediately that I did not want to have to go through that. So, I have massaged it, kept it clean and prayed a little for it. (just bein' honest, I should pray much more!) Anyway, while we were in Texas I noticed it wasn't draining anymore. I thought that maybe it was something in the air in LA that made it drain more, so I watched it and since we've been back it hasn't drained once! I am so happy and so is Rusty. We were really scared of her having to have a small surgery on her eye as a one year old. It just seems so traumatic. I know that it isn't as bad as some problems are, but it is still scary!

This week is going to be so busy. We only have a few weeks of school left, so of course they are trying to stuff everything they can into a couple of weeks. On Thursday, I have four different things going on at once. Thankfully Rusty is taking a little time off to go with Mally on her field trip so I can go to a meeting for Adventures in Art, then a brunch at the school for volunteers, which I probably won't make it to, and then that night I am going to a dinner for new PTA people. Don't get me wrong, I love all the stuff I am in to, but they ALWAYS schedule stuff for Thursday nights. That's our church night, so I guess I won't be going this week either.

Well, I guess I don't have too much else to ramble about. I hope you enjoyed the videos. Miss Ava sure is a cutie!

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Kar said...

Baw! baby laughter is always the best!