Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge Results

I don't have a lot of pictures to post today but I wanted to post a little update about some stuff.

It has been ugly and overcast the past few days. Here in SoCal we call it June Gloom & there is another name for it in May, but I can't remember because it's so dumb. Yes, it is! Anyway, I don't feel very good either. I think it's a sinus infection, which I seem prone to get for some reason. Ugh, gross. I am just drinking tons of water and resting. Hopefully that will help.

This morning Rusty had his final weigh in for the weight loss challenge and sadly he didn't win. He lost only 12 pounds. By looking at him and by our scale it seemed like it was more than that, but he still did awesome! I didn't lose 12 pounds...I admire him for working as hard as he did. He has started working out to some degree everyday and eating a little bit healthier. My favorite thing that came from this competition for Rusty was that he quit drinking sodas! I hate soda. I mean, yes, an ice cold Coke tastes amazing with Mexican food or popcorn at the movies, but then I start thinking about what it does to your teeth. Or, how many spoonfuls of sugar each drink has in it. And then I don't feel the urge to have a soda at all.

Sorry about getting off on my anti-soda kick, lets get back to my original thought...

My friends Nena and Tom basically tied. They were within .5% of each other's weight loss total. Tom lost a little over 28 pounds and Nena lost around 21. Percentage wise, they were neck and neck. They worked very hard and I am so proud of them! Their monetary prizes were very nice too!

Hannah sang yesterday at her school with the chorus and I just thought it was so cute. Their little voices are so sweet.

If you are noticing in this picture that Hannah has no sweater on while all the other kids do, please be aware that she left the house in a sweater, but managed to take it off before she sang. The kid has to keep up her image. You can't be warm. Oh no. How, uncool. Ok, that is just me griping. I do not like this new attitude I am always getting from Hannah. Seriously, why can't she just quit caring about how she looks? She is only 9, it's not like anyone cares. Well, maybe they do, who knows how it is out on the playground these days?

Mally is good. Growing too fast, but fine otherwise! Right now she is enjoying a grape Popsicle watching Saturday morning cartoons. It's our favorite day to sit around in our pj's and just veg for a little while.

Ava is passed out for her morning nap. Yesterday I did something so bad, but so good. I was having some ice cream while she was playing on her play mat. I figured she needed to try something other than breast milk for once. So I took the tiniest little bit of ice cream on my spoon and gave her a bite. At first she was a little bothered by the whole thing. She's never felt cold in her mouth or tasted something sweet before. After that first bite she got one more and then smiled and wanted more. Dad, I was getting her ready to come to your house in July. She has to get to play a little bit of the ice cream game with her Poppy!

Well, that's all for right now. I have to do something with myself. Nascar qualifying just came on the TV and I can no longer justify doing nothing. Plus, Hannah and Mallorie are going to start getting a little crazy if we don't go do something.

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