Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wonderful Weekend & Such

First things first. I had the best weekend in Texas. I haven't visited there in the spring for a very long time and I was not wanting to come back to Cali. Everything was so lush and beautiful. No, it doesn't matter whether it is hot or cold, green or brown, rainy or dry. I want to stay there all the time. I did learn, however, that if I ever go to Texas again without Hannah & Mally then I would be in a huge amount of trouble!! Poor me, the grandparents don't even care about me anymore, it's all about the babies.

Ava did so well. Her first day there we had a lot of shopping to do and she had a little bit of jet-lag, but other than that she was great.
Ava's first plane trip:

That's right. All this kid did was sleep. On the decent I had the stewardess warm her bottle and she drank it so I could keep her ears from hurting. Thank goodness it all worked out. Our plane was packed, there and back.

I kept falling asleep on the during take-off (like always) and would wake up with my mouth hanging open. SO embarrassing! Why can't I fall asleep with my mouth shut. At least I wasn't snoring, or at least I hope not. I haven't done that since I was pregnant.

At MiMi's Ava got her first bath in the sink. This is a big deal..all the babies get washed in the kitchen sink. She was a little too small to sit up by herself and have fun splashing, but eventually she will get there.

Grabbing on for dear life going in to the tub. She still hasn't cried during a single bath. Could this be something we put in the Guinness World Record book?
I threw my sister a shower while I was Texas. She is getting married in July. In Texas. I was shocked by the heat during May in Paris. I can't imagine what it's going to be like in July. They're all used to it. Living in southern California I have become accustomed to near 0 humidity and nice temperatures all the time. Humidity kicks my hiney!!
I thought the table turned out so pretty. This is NOT the decoration theme I wanted to do. Click here to see what I wanted. But I have to say the way I ended up having to decorate was wonderful. I used a mixture of antique plates that all had a floral theme, and borrowed drink dispenser and lots of pretty foods. Everything was handmade and so much fun to make. The cookies we fun too, but sadly I tried to decorate them & should not have. But, they were good!
The other decor was the owners backyard. Seriously, her yard alone was amazing. I wish I could just stay there. She told me I could do anything I wanted to her backyard (she meant decorating wise), but that wasn't how she said it. I told her she better be careful saying that because I might decide to just move in and stay there to hang out and throw parties in her backyard all the time. I'm sure she wouldn't mind. I mean, that wouldn't be weird at all.
Here is the beautiful bride-to-be. She got some really beautiful lingerie. I tried hard to embarrass her, but she seemed to not get too bothered by anything. Maybe she was on something? Or maybe, I just didn't try hard enough!!
By the way. My mom gave her a "Love Coupon" booklet that she apparently looked through and decided that it was sweet stuff, like "Movie and Dinner" or "Date night on me" or "Back Massage". It did have all those things, but she apparently missed all the other "coupons". Er, that wasn't weird at all. No way. I told Becky to remember that Mom gave her those every time she and her future hubby decided to use them.
They'll never get used!
And lastly. I went on a field trip today with Hannah's grade. It was really nice and Ava did great too. It was also "Hat Day" at their school, hence the hat.
I love, love, love this picture. Ava is nothing but smiles these days and we love every single one of them. I enjoyed spending the day with Hannah so much. She refused to hold my hand, but what can expect. She is 9. That's technically, almost and tween. Ok.
Have a wonderful week.

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YOU hosted a beautiful shower. It was great! Love MOM