Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Update with Sarah Brrrown

I know, I know. I have neglected this blog for several days and I am sorry. Really. I actually enjoy getting on here and posting pics of my ever growing girls and writing aimlessly for what seems like an eternity. Sometimes when I am finished with a new post I feel like it has taken hours to write it and then I look over it and it is so short. Then other times it feels like I hardly did any work and it ends up being one of my favorite blogs. I love having this blog as well though for my own memories. I would eventually like to start printing these and putting them in a notebook/scrapbook for the kids to have someday.

Well, I'll stop my rambling now and post what you came here for in the first place.
Friday night the kids had their school carnival. I was pretty lax this year and let the girls run around without holding my hand every second of the night. However, this did end up producing minimal pictures of them. I only got three. One of them together. Sad. They did have a wonderful time and Mallorie really helped me out with Ava when it was my turn to work at her classroom booth.
I used OctoMom's plastic surgeon for the girls' lip injections. Sadly Hannah's turned blue. And they whistle a lot.

We put Ava's highchair together last night because even though she is not ready to eat food yet I needed something to put her in while I cook dinner every night. Two things you might be asking yourself. 1.)I thought the highchair had issues. & 2.) I forgot what I was going to write here. *crickets chirping*
To answer your first question, Babies R Us took back the completely useless piece of garbage highchair we got from them last time and so I decided after much thought and lack of much choice to go ahead and buy the exact same model highchair. BUT only after examining the box beforehand. Making sure it had never been opened before.

This picture title shall be:
"Get That Camera Outta My Face", said like Nacho from the film Nacho Libre says, "Get that corn outta my face". If you've seen this movie and don't find it funny (Mom and Dad) sorry. If you've never seen this movie then you should watch it. It ranks a close second behind Napoleon Dynomite for me. I just really enjoy the dry humor and the not-at-all deep story line. I know it's a dumb movie, but sometimes we all just need to laugh instead of getting emotionally involved in a movie. Don't get me wrong, The Notebook is one of my favorite sappy love story movies, but I don't always want to cry when I watch a movie. So Napoleon and Nacho are two of my faves, along with most Adam Sandler movies, but I digress.
Look at this big girl. She's so sweet. And by the way, she's in her bed right now. Asleep. Yay!!
Hannah & Mallorie constantly love on her and want to play with her & she eats it up. She can't do much at this point other than watch, smile and kind of laugh, but soon enough she will be ready to play. I want to get her the Johnny Jumper soon. She is not quite ready for it, but maybe in the next month. That'll be REALLY nice for her to play in while I'm cooking.
I KNOW...this picture is so awful, I don't even know why I am really putting on here. I just wanted to show how cute she looked in her church dress today. I mean to take a picture of her everyday when she is dressed in her outfit for the day, but I usually forget or get distracted because she decides to throw a fit or fall fast asleep.Anyway, sorry for the poor picture quality.

Alright, so Sunday night we had our first small groups Mayday at our house. We didn't have a ton of people, 13 including us and then 6 kids, so 19, but it was a good group to have at a home. Rusty cooked the hamburgers and hot dogs, I made the fries and fixin's for the burgers. (BTW, the burgers were delicious!!) After we ate, Rusty gave each person a banana and told them to peal it and then cut it up anyway they chose. As you can imagine most people did tons of cuts. Then we instructed them to put it back together using only three products: glue, tacks & tape. Yeah, it was impossible. The prize for the person who came closest to getting it together was a dollar. Yes folks, a whole entire dollar. The point of the activity was to realize that we cannot put our lives back together on our own, we need God's help. When we sin and bring on self destruction, all we need to do is confess our sin and repent. There, boom, fixed. Amen.
This was our winner. He used tape all around it and somehow got it to stay together when he picked it up. The guy next to him had it won, he did one slice down the center, like a banana split, but sabotaged himself because he thought he was doing it wrong I guess and cut it again.
Here were our rules for Mayday. In case you can't read them they say: 1)What is said here, stays here. 2) Respect each others thoughts and questions. 3)General housekeeping-bathroom, kitchen, living room & kids' room.
And then the last rule, the one I am posting this picture for is in the top right corner of the board. It reads: There's only one bathroom-USE A MATCH.
Yes people, I'm that classy. It's a good rule though. You can steal that one if you want for your next gathering. I'm not sure why you would ever need to post rules, but if you do you're welcome to use this. I'm not sure who added all the fancy stars to my rules, but they do add a certain ambiance to the board. A "look at me" flash. Just what it needed!

I hope your week is wonderful, stressfree & super fun. I'll post again soon with lots more pictures.

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