Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oh No She Didn't

Pictures will come later because first I wanted to tell you a story about today. No, it is not a lovely Easter story about us being part of changing some one's life or helping a kitten down from a tree. No, this a story about my lovely nine year old daughter. (Nine years going on 40)

Today they were outside playing with the neighbor girls and we told them to come on home because our company was coming over and they needed to be here to eat and hang out. Mallorie comes in first and closes the door behind her. I guess Hannah was right behind her and the next thing you hear is "Mallorie OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!".......whaaaaaa

Yeah, that's right. Hannah yelled that. In front of our house. So the whole neighborhood heard it. Her sweet little girl mouth cursed. Maybe that's not a curse word to some people, but it is to us & especially when it is coming out of our child's mouth.

As you can imagine, girlfriend got in BIG trouble. At first she thought Rusty was kidding and she was laughing, but those giggles soon turned into tears when she figured out that we were in fact very upset with her. She tried to say it was an accident. Really? Really? I think not. I hope this is not coming out of her mouth regularly.

She isn't grounded, but I don't think we are going to have any more cussing in our house from her.

On a lighter note, we had a lovely Easter. Church was wonderful, lunch was simple, but good. And our company was so much fun this evening...truly I am sad they are leaving California soon...but I also understand.

Just look at these lovely cookies I made last night for Easter. I actually cut them, baked them and made homemade icing to put on them. Oh, the little chick on the front has a messed up bit of icing on the head.
Fixed that problem!

I was in this big "Martha Stewart" creative mood this week so I also decorated eggs after blowing out the middle of them. I love the way they turned out. Then I put them in this little apothecary jar I bought ages ago and never thought I would find a good use for! I do realize this is blury, but this is the only picture I had at the moment.After church the girls had their Easter dresses off and shorts on as fast as they could. Mallorie is not throwing a fit here, she is squealing with excitement. And she even hid the eggs, she was just ready to get some candy!!

Hmmm, this a pic of Hannah hunting Easter eggs. The toilet was here when we moved in being used as a planter. Recently however a plummer had to come and do some work on our pipes and moved it from it's well hidden place near the house to this middle of the yard area. Ugh, so embarassing. That toilet might disapear soon. Oh and see back towards the tree to the left. That is in fact the tank that would have been attached to said toilet in the house. Why people, why???? Ignore the hose, the girls were "watering our plants" a little before that. (really just playing with the hose)

She refused to smile for us. Can you believe she is turning two months on Wednesday? I can't. I really, really can't.
Soon after this picture was taken she had the biggest "blow OUT" diaper so far & infront of company no less! It called for an emergency bath and then a million kisses!

Ava is currently asleep in her swing, Hannah and Mally are in bed and Rusty is conked out on the couch (snoring). I am wide awake, watching Seinfeld, realizing (with great excitement) that tomorrow the girls are going to school and I am going to have a whole 5 hours to myself...with Ava, but to myself. I might even hang out with some mommies, or do nothing. One thing I am going to do tomorrow is go to Babies R Us and try to return a high chair that I got at my shower. We were putting it together tonight so that our friends could use it for their little one and it was dirty, missing parts and had no instructions. USED! So it is going back tomorrow and I am not leaving there without a new one with all the parts. That infuriates me. I called the girlfriend tonight that gave it to me and told her and asked if she still had the receipt, which she doesn't, but it was on my registry, so they know when it was bought and for how much. I wouldn't mind just exchanging it, but we'll see what happens. I will update for sure.

I hope every one's Easter was wonderful and a great day of remembrance what our Lord and Savior did for us. Have a great week.

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