Monday, April 13, 2009

Who's That Baby

I just had to post all of these pictures. Yesterday while Mallorie was taking a "Soaky Bath", Hannah and I went outside with Ava to take some pictures of her cute shoes. By the way, thank you Auntie Becky for Ava's stylin new shoes. They finally fit and don't look gigantic on her little feet.

I couldn't choose which pictures I liked the best, so I am posting them all. She is getting so big and has stretched out a lot. She still balls up sometimes when she sleeps, but for the most part her legs hang down and so do her arms; which btw, her arms are soooo long, they remind me of the way Becky's and my arms looked like when we used to competitive swim.

Aww, just look at those chunky little legs in those big girl shoes. I love the outfit she in in these pictures. Just to brag on myself a little: I found it at Tar-jay last week on clearance for $4.87 or something close! Maybe some people are horrified by the thought of shopping for awesome deals, but I am NOT one of those people folks. No I am not. I'm all about the deal shopping and know this is a skill I have to become pro at with three growing girls! (Bad Texas Accent coming out....wait for it, wait for it...)Heck, you can even deal shop at Nordstrom, Limited II, and stores like Tilly's. I love to go everywhere. I found Hannah and Mallorie the most awesome dresses at Nordstrom, which as most of you know is usually the most ridiculous place ever to shop, but man I got an amazing deal. I go there to look for gifts for others and sometimes stuff for Ava, but I also always just look for my big girls. I have been needing to buy them new several dresses to restock their closet & I think God was watching out for me. I also found cute stuff at Old Navy...for me too! Shorts for summer are next on my shopping/restocking list.
The ever serious eyebrow furrow.
Just look at that awesome fist full of poor Hannah's hair. Oh, go ahead and pull it out, she cussed yesterday! (New punishment? Nah)
I like this picture, I think the back of her head is so adorable. Her round little head sitting atop that skinny neck. I could just smother these two with kisses everyday. I love my girls so much.
I think by this point Hannah was like "Okay Mom, she is really hurting me now!!" Just look how long she is, I can't get over how fast this kid is growing. And her feet, another thing growing insanely fast. Another Gray girl trait!Oh, sweet big sissy. These girls have very similar temperaments. Thank You, GOD!!!
Have a great Tuesday...and check back a little lady whose name I will not say is turning two months old and I must post a picture to commemorate this day!
Da Browns

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mandijo said...

Sarah and Rusty~I still can't figure out who I think she looks like. Some pics look just like Rusty and others I totally see Sarah. She is beautiful!!