Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two Months Old Today

Look who's walking...just kidding. She loves to push herself up to standing while holding your hands though. I know a lot of people will probably yell at me and say that she is going to become "bowlegged" from this, but fear not peeps, it is actually a developmental milestone that she shouldn't even be doing until about 3-4 months. So, I am happy that she is doing it and I won't stop her. I guess all that stuff we thought was chunk in her thighs is actually MUSCLE!!!!!

We went to the doctor today and Ava is now 22 inches long and weighs a whopping 11 pounds. She is 50th percentile on all measurements which just means she is 50% bigger and 50%smaller than all babies her age....basically is average size. She had to get three shots today and an oral vaccination. It was so sad...broke my heart. I did some research just now (in my own head) and found out that shot are now outlawed on babies because it hurts their mommies too much!

Just look at this big girl. Sitting up in the corner of the couch so well. And her hair is so light! I just gave her some infant Tylenol and have been feeding her off an on. This afternoon she just wanted to sleep and then she would just randomly wake up crying. My heart was just hurting for her. It's horrible to see your kids hurt!

To change subjects, my dear friend Nena gave me a very sweet birthday present today. First off she gave me a gift card to my favorite nursery so that I would be inspired to start working on my flower beds in my back yard. I am a big back yard lover. If it looks warm and welcoming then I want to spend all my time back there. Right now mine is not like that. I love it's layout & the fireplace back there, but the greenery and "toilet" make me want to vomit. That's right, VOMIT! So now, I can officially start working on it since the gardeners that are paid to do so, don't. Whatever, I will make it pretty. She also gave me this beautiful windchime. I have a white one that is getting pretty beat down and this one I will most like hang in my backyard. I have a fear that it might get stolen if I leave it hanging in my front yard. (If you happen to like it, she said she found it at HomeGoods)
I wanted to share this pic of Hannah and Mallorie as well. They played with their slime outside and had the best time. They have so much fun with this gross stuff. I am sure I would have enjoyed it too when I was a kid, but now, not so much.

It was really hard to post these the same size, so excuse the way it turned out, but just look at the difference in one month and two. She has changed a lot. Rusty and I both think she is starting to look more like me. We are both head over heals for this little munchkin. She smiles and coos all the time. How can you not melt when she does that. I got a little smile this evening, but not for the camera sadly. I hope she feels better in the morning. She's getting tons of snuggles tonight and we are trying not to move her around too much because she cries when we do from the discomfort in her legs. Poor Baby!

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sbeudy said...

Wow she did change a lot. Looks like the girls were having fun. Love the chime. So pretty.