Thursday, April 16, 2009

Little Update Blog

I don't have a picture to post right now, but I wanted to share the awesome news that Ava slept all night last night. From around 1am to 8am. She goes to bed around 9pm every night, so I guess if you look at it that way it's not technically all night, but I go to bed around midnight, or 1 lately, so it is all night to me. Yay for her!!!

I also wanted to post some stuff about her that she is doing at this two month mark:
*She loves her bath, it is the best part of her day, she just soaks and relaxes every time she's in there
*Tummy time is something she is doing well with, we just have to stay with her all the time because she scoots herself around the floor
*Her blocked tear duct has still not opened and is draining a lot lately. I talked to her doctor about it, but she see's not cause for concern at this time and says it is not infected
*I've pretty much taken care of her baby acne. I stopped wearing perfume :( and the bumps have stopped. (This was Rusty's idea because we both have very sensitive skin) This also happens to her chest and belly when I use the Johnson's baby lotion. I didn't put it on her last night after her bath & guess bumps!
*She can hold her head up completely without it shaking and falling over all the time
*I'm pretty sure she likes me best ... hahahaha
*Every time she sees the TV on she stares and gets really still. I usually don't have it on during the day while the girls are at school so in the evenings when we watch our shows she sits in complete silence just looking at the TV
*In the mornings she just looks at us, smiles and coos
*She is sort of laughing, what I mean is, she only lets out one chuckle, there is no big laughs yet
*Her hair is getting really light, but still looks red when we're outside
*She is still searching for her thumb...hasn't found it yet, just sucks on her whole fist and loves binky
*Watches Rusty walk around the house every time he is home. She keeps an eye on him anytime he is near her.
*Likes to stand holding hands. She is very proud of herself when she locks her legs into that straight up position.
*Knows the sound of my phone I think. Every time my alarm goes off on my phone to tell me it's time to get the girls she looks around or gets excited.
*Is almost wearing 0-3 months clothes, several newborn outfits are still fitting her.

Well, I guess that is plenty for now. Before we know it she'll be three months old and I'm sure there will be a lot of new stuff to post.

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sbeudy said...

Have you tried a perfume free soap and lotion on her? My nephew has to use perfume free also.