Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quick Trip

I hope you don't mind, but I'm just unloading my phone's pictures from the past weekend. Hannah and I finally got to go on her trip back to California to see some of our friends. But first, Ava and I got to have a little bit of time together to just hang out. First at Starbucks, which we hardly ever do and then to the Library, which we do every week...when her attitude permits. She LOVES going to the library, they have these fun computers set up for the kids and she just goes to town.

So, our trip, where do I start? Well, Hannah as you know. graduated fifth grade last year and so I decided it would be a wonderful gift to her to take her back to California to see her best friend that she misses horribly. We had such a wonderful time. As usual, our time went by too fast, but every moment we filled with friends and activity. 

I got to see almost of my closest friends. Hannah and I also had a few free hours on our second day in Cali. So we took full advantage of the super fun car Rusty got for us that I would never ever own in a million years and drive by all of the important places from our past life in California. All of the places we lived, her first school and then second. The beach of course, and surprisingly I didn't get emotional. Well only a tiny bit, but I always do that when I think of the fact that I brought a baby home in California and lost one there as well, that always gets me, but it was short lived and I only wanted to focus on the wonderful time I was getting blessed with to spend alone with my oldest daughter. 

We splurged for lunch and went to Joe's crab shack and had a breathtaking view of the ocean and the sea lions swimming around. 
Thankfully we had a lot of Hertz points because of Rusty's job, so the car we got to drive was a black Mitsubishi Spider Convertible. I think I am biased toward Lexus, but this car, well, just let me say it isn't luxury, but it was fun! If you ever get the chance to drive down the coast with the top down, do it! It's so much fun.
My girlfriends Merdie and Nena took me to an Angels game. I had to face my convictions because let's face it, these girls are my dear friends and I didn't want to hurt their feelings. But can I say I felt as though I was cheating on the Rangers. We had great seats and the atmosphere was awesome, so I was able to put my petty team preferences behind me and enjoy myself. Truly, I had a blast. 
Nena and I took the girls to the beach and lost track of time, but we were having such a good time and enjoying ourselves, just relaxing. It was pretty chilly that day, but like usual, the kids didn't even seem to notice and were able to get their legs wet and not whine about it like a certain mom did. What? I'm not used to it.

I so wish I could upload the pictures I have of these two together in first grade, they were so tiny. And now, well now they're both almost as tall as us moms are and it's so strange to see them so grown up.

Like I said, they were willing to get into the water, it was frigid. FRIGID!

We found some of the most amazing shells on the rocky bottoms of the cliffs. In five years I never found shells as amazing as these. I wish I knew what they were called, but you'll just have to take my word for it. Plus Nena and Kaylee kept finding tiny little sand dollars. That hardly ever happens. It was our lucky day.
Then almost as soon as it had begun, our little vacation was over. We headed back home and got tons of hugs and kisses from everybody, ate Burger King because it was the only thing open, then got heartburn, burp. The next day Rusty headed back to work and Hannah and Mally headed back to school and I took a nap with Ava.

Then Monday when Rusty got home from work, I was so desperate to spend some time alone with him that I invited him to go to the grocery store with me. Fancy date! Ava came with us, but still it was sort of a date. We had no drinks, hardly much groceries left in the house at all. But we had to get only the necessities because we need to cut down on the junk food. Don't cha know that when you go to the grocery store for specific things, you always get tempted to buy junk. Here is where my mind went during our grocery store date: Yea, though I walked through the valley of the shadow of junk food, I pretended I couldn't see it and moved along in my search for chaw-mill and coffee creamer; pure survival foods, saith the Sarah, mother of the Chaw-mill monster and wife to the coffee creamer addict. Don't y'all wish you lived in my brain, ha! I'm always very exciting.

I think I am almost back to normal, a little jet lag remains, but I am lucky that Ava is good sleeper and will usually sleep in pretty late in the morning so I can have a little extra sleep after the girls go to school. I hope you have a wonderful week. It's starting to get nice and chilly here, especially at night and I LOVE it! Hello Fall.

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Great blog; it's always nice to visit with good friends. Enjoyed reading your adventure! Love MOM