Friday, October 21, 2011

Orchard Time

Here's a catch-up post for the past few weeks. I feel so awful not posting more often, but there are many good reasons. Here are a few: a.)I have a toddler that is napping right now, or I wouldn't be writing this at all! b.) Homework takes over my life when the kids get home. c.)I'm lazy. d.) My camera is sick. It's so sad. One of the kids put my sd card in backwards and apparently bent or broke something down in there, so I have to get it fixed. It's a bit expensive, so for now I've been using my phone on my camera. I'm bitter, but trying hard to just let it go. I love my camera. Like, love it love it. I don't know why I asked one of the kids to put my sd card back in the camera, that was so stupid!

Alas, these are just a few of the reasons I haven't blogged. Plus sometimes I feel like I have the most boring life in the world. Apparently one of Rusty's coworkers makes him give an update every week about what we did over the weekend because we are always going somewhere and are doing something. I find that amusing because it seems so normal to get out every weekend and go somewhere or do something just to get out of the house. I guess if you work all week, mostly out of town you probably just want to stay home and relax. Not at our house.

So last weekend we decided that it was getting fallish enough to start enjoying the fruits of Autumn and go enjoy the leaves and pick some apples at an orchard north of us. I bought some tickets on Groupon several weeks ago (thank goodness for Groupon deals) for the orchard, so it was a perfect way to spend a weekend. We got to do apple picking in the orchard, petting zoo, hay ride and shooting apples out of a cannon. The kids had a blast. 

Well, I say the kids had a blast, Hannah pretty much just walks around acting like nothing is fun, but I know deep down she's having a blast. Oh, she is getting too old.
The petting zoo area part was Mallorie and Ava's favorite area. Mally would get the animals to come over to her and Ava would gently pet the different livestock.
We had a couple of tickets for the apple cannon so Mallorie and Rusty shot a whole bunch of tiny apples at targets and I took the other two girls for potty breaks. Rusty said he only got to shoot four apples and Mallorie shot all the rest of two full buckets. So fun!
Madam Apple Picker. She was so good the entire day.
Mallorie might have gotten hit in the eye by a rogue apple falling from the tree Hannah was climbing to reach other apples. I probably shouldn't have taken a picture of her, but I couldn't help myself. And Rusty's shirt from 10 years ago, I have to mention it because I'm always making fun of him for wearing his shirts til they fall apart.
No, it's not a full family picture, but it was the best I could get that day. This was standing in line for the hay ride. They had those yummy Mexican Popsicles conveniently placed next to the line, so of course the girls needed one. Thankfully I still had wet wipes from mine and Hannah's trip to Joe's Crab Shack in Cali stuffed in my purse because we had some messy kids! Doesn't Rusty look like he's saying, "Sarah, get this baby off of me!!". He does to me, she was a sticky mess.

We also celebrated two birthdays this month. Mally turned 10 and Hannah turned 12. I need to take a moment to let that sink in. It's still hard to remember that they are so old. We had birthday parties for each of them a weekend apart. This is the first time we've done separate birthdays. It was good, they were very happy to have a party with just their friends. I was happy because Rusty was home and he saw for the first time how crazy it gets with a bunch on loud girls in the house. He said, I thought girls just went to their rooms and gossiped and did hair. Poor guy. He is so clueless. I don't know if we'll do sleepovers anymore, they're exhausting. They never sleep.

I shot these pics yesterday and had to share. This is the neighborhood dog that all the kids just love, and the owner always lets the kids take him for a walk, so they just have a ball. 

OH she's silly. And now she's sick with some kind of cold and I know the rest of us will probably end up with it. Sick toddlers are NOT FUN!

This week it's really cold here, which I am loving, sort of. The kids have the most awesome clothes for fall, boots, cute jackets, etc. I look like a ragamuffin. My style is so laid back, I have got to get some cuter clothes, but I am getting so bad about shopping. It makes me stressed because I always talk myself out of everything, I wish I had a personal shopper. Just boom, show up with 10 perfectly beautiful outfits, tell me I look fabulous and then my imaginary billion dollar bank account will cover it all. That just won't happen this week though, so I guess I'll be going to TJMaxx soon, that way when Ava gets marker on my new shirt, I don't have to worry, it was on sale for $10!

Anyway, that was so random, but I just wanted to do a quick update while I had a minute. Hopefully Mr. Camera will get fixed soon and I'll be able to post some better pictures.

Have a great weekend!

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