Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Boss

Another pretty day and we were as happy as could be to get outside and not feel like we were about to melt to the asphalt!
Busy kid, she's so happy when her big sisters get home and are ready to play. Let's see, today she helped me bake tooties (or cookies in normal talk), and then ate only the icing on the tooties. She told me she didn't like the cookies, they didn't taste good. What's so wrong with a little burn on the bottom, ha!!

And just so you know, she isn't cheering here, she's just showing off her armpits. Yes, you heard right, we're that classy.
And I finally caught Hannah getting off the bus, and she still won't let me get a decent picture of her.
I guess I should let you know that Ava's the boss of the neighborhood, incase you had any doubt in your mind. She told everyone they couldn't go in the street today, and if they were supposed to run or not. Sassy! Don't worry, I know I've got a monster on my hands!
If only she wasn't so cute!

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Anonymous said...

Such a cute little boss! Looks like all the girls having fun! Yeah for fall weather. Love ya MOM