Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sweet Toddlerhood

Can I just say that I hope this cool weather sticks around for good. It is so heavenly here, the temperatures never went above 64 degrees yesterday! It was actually chilly all day and I was able to air out my house. Of course we couldn't play outside too much, we still had a bit of drizzle all day from remnants of Lee passing through. We did try to go to the store, just to get out for a few minutes, and when Mally came home we played outside when there was a short lull in the rain.Thank goodness for that quick break, they had such fun playing and running.
Mally can't hear me anymore, I think she's losing her ability to acknowledge my voice. I told her atleast ten times to get a sweater on, but she insisted that it wasn't needed. Finally it started raining again so I got her to come in and get out of the cold.
Ava thought the rain tasted wonderful. She's got a bit of a cold right now, but I couldn't make her stay inside when she was just bored out of her mind.
Speaking of Miss Ava, first of all, she is trying my patience like no other toddler has. She tells me no all the time and refuses to do what I ask her to do. She's not in any way mean or anything of the sort, but she doesn't want to obey. On top of that, she is climbing on/over everything imaginable. She's always been a bit of a monkey, climbing over the backs of the couches, climbing into our bar height chairs, etc. But yesterday she climbed out of the tub which is no regular tub, it's a deep garden tub. Then last night she climbed out of her crib and busted her lip. I knew it was going to happen, but what can you do? I constantly tell her to lie back down and not to climb, but I have a feeling sometimes she's going to have to learn the hard way. Hopefully she won't do it again, as I'm afraid she's going to really hurt herself.
I know this picture is blurry, but she was "posing" for me and moving too fast, but I thought it was cute anyway. Tomorrow we are planning a trip to library where hopefully Ava doesn't go nuts, come to think of it, I might wait until Rusty gets home to go to the library. Otherwise, I think a bike ride would be fun tomorrow since it's supposed to be 70 for a high.

This week I am mentally preparing myself for this upcoming weekend. It is opening Bow season here in Georgia so you can imagine where Rusty will be; out in the woods waiting for a deer, surrounded by ticks and bears, ha! On top of that, football season started, so I am officially not going to see him much for the next couple of months. Oh well, he is so excited and is having so much fun getting everything ready for being out in the woods. Thank GOD I like college football enough to watch most of the games he likes. Sometimes I just cheer for the team he doesn't like to make it more interesting and to aggravate him. I'm such a sweet wife!

I hope you are having a wonderful week. To my family and friends in drought ridden Texas and Oklahoma, I am prayerful that y'all get rain soon and that these fires are put out quickly. It is heartbreaking to watch everything that is happening. I hope you all are okay!


Anonymous said...

Can't you send some of that sweet Georgia rain this way? Texas is so parched. So many of the plants, trees, & grasses are withered & crispy brown. These last few days have been a wonderful relief with low 90-mid 80 degree temps! But on to something else...I love the pics! Ava is such a cute model. Thanks for blogging. Love it. Hugs to my Georgia girls! MiMi aka MOM

Melissa Bishop said...

Ava is so cute, I love her posing! Sounds like you are liking Georgia. I am glad you have such nice weather, we are starting to get there here in OK. It was cool today and cloudy. It looked like rain was coming, of course it didn't, but that's a start! I am glad that you blog and I need to visit it more often!