Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Family Update

Oh y'all. I am so boring lately! After H and M get on their buses in the morning Ava and I just don't do much of anything. Everyday we decide we should go for a bike ride, but then we don't. I got the information to sign her up for some little kid classes, but I haven't done that yet. We go the library and that's about it. I don't know what's wrong with me, I think I feel a little lost without H and M being home with me all day. Strangely enough, I miss them while they're at the school.

We'll get back into a normal groove, I certainly don't want to let this entire year fly by without spending some fun time with A, especially if we put her in some sort of preschool next year. That's a whole other thing by itself! She has always been such a Momma's girl, not wanting to leave my side no matter where we were. But now, when we get to church she waves bye to me and takes off to play with her "frins" and when we get back to pick her up she's always in the middle of a group of kids playing with toys. I am so proud of her for that, she's come so far in the last few months, but I know she's growing up.

For some small family updates, since I haven't blogged in so long: 
As I've talked about before, Rusty has a hunting lease up north of where we live He's been leaving his outdoor camera attached to the trees in the areas he wants to hunt. While he hasn't seen any big deer or bear for that matter on the camera yet, look what we did catch on it.

Oh the cuteness! That momma and her fawn walked by several days in a row, it's near a creek and it'll be fun to see if they continue on that route into the fall.

I finally booked H's and my little get away trip to California and we can't wait to see some of our old friends. The trip was supposed to take place during the summer for her "graduation from fifth grade" gift, but I put it off and it turns out it was better to wait until later anyway. I really wanted to wait until we had enough flight points to get both of our trips for free. Even when I think about how much I hate that Rusty has to travel so much, there is always a silver lining. Anyway, now we're all set to go and I can't wait to spend some special one on one time with my eldest kiddo. M and I are already planning our trip for next year when she graduates from 5th grade.

School for my big kids seems to be going so well. Much better than last year, thank the Lord! M no longer begs to stay home or cries or throws fits about doing her homework. She is much happier. Hannah, as I figured, LOVES middle school. She's already gone to her first school dance and is deciding what clubs she wants to sign up for. We've also started attending a new church. The other one was good and we loved the pastor,  but we felt that we were getting swallowed up there, it was so big. This new one is quite a bit smaller and the kids ask when they get to go back. First. Time. Ever. Plus it's just down the road from our house which is a blessing for us.

Oh, and one more little update, A is now sleeping in her own room, her choice! I don't know what changed exactly, but I am so happy about it. My sister and her little one came to visit a few weeks ago, so we converted A's toddler bed back into a crib for Baby Holly and since they left Ava wants to sleep in the crib. Every evening I turn on my Pandora radio app from my phone and she passes out within 15 minutes. I still have to be in the room with her, but she doesn't ask to get out or to be held. I am going to start working my way out slowly while she's still awake.

It's almost H and M's birthdays again, so I am trying to decide what to get them. M wanted an aquarium with this certain type of fish (that I can't think of at the moment) and now it's turned into wanting a turtle. This stresses me out on so many levels. First and foremost, I like animals, I really do, but I don't love them. I can handle cats, and I can pretty much handle a fish, but not a turtle. Especially since I will be the one taking care of the clean up. Yuck! What is the point in having a pet turtle anyway? I was reading up on them and apparently they can carry diseases !?! and I know M would want to pick this thing up and play with it. Umm, no thanks. So I'm not really sure which direction that gift will go in, but hopefully she'll be happy. I think for H I want to get her some awesome stuff for her room. She is so obsessed with making it look a certain way and trying to be a little more grown up about it. She said when we buy our own house and we can paint and hang more stuff on the wall that she wants a zebra print rug hung on the wall. What? She's crazy, but I like her style, so I will try to make sure she gets to have a "cool" room.

It seems to be starting to get chilly here at night and in the mornings. Even some of the leaves on the Maple trees are starting to change. It seems a bit early, but we aren't going to complain, it's beautiful! I hope you all are having a good week and I will try to blog a little more often.

Here are some pictures I got of the girls the other day during an impromptu photo shoot in our dining room. They were acting crazy and silly, so these are the best ones I got.

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Anonymous said...

In the last pic of this blog the kids really do look like twins. Everybody we meet always asks and I have wondered why but in this pic they look alot alike. Crazy!?!