Sunday, May 22, 2011

School's Almost Out for Summer

The countdown is coming to a close. There are only three days until Summer Break takes over and children everywhere rejoice in angelic singing. And maybe their parents as well. I will be happy not to wake up at 6am one more day for several months!!

We've all been enjoying our beautiful warm weather by playing outside and swimming in our neighborhood pool. Rusty watched Ava Friday evening so I could just take Hannah and Mallorie to the pool and not have to run around chasing her all afternoon. It was heavenly! I've put in a request to have atleast one afternoon a week where I can go to the pool with just my big girls. They had a blast playing with all their little friends and not having to help watch baby sis. I love that little monster, but she is a ball of energy with very little fear especially around water, so it was nice not to have to be on high alert for an afternoon.


Hannah and Mallorie got their test results back for their standardized tests and they both passed with very good scores. Hannah got extremely high scores in math and science. Praise The LORD!! You cannot imagine how happy it makes me when one of my kids gets scores that are above what is expected, especially in a subject that wasn't my strong suite. They're both such smart little girls and I am so proud of them.

Mallorie fell off of her scooter last week and got a small fracture in her wrist. So she is in a cast for a couple of weeks. At first she loved it and the attention. Now she hates it! She keeps thinking of ways she can take it off. But atleast it's waterproof. I didn't know they made them waterproof now, but they do and it's dry in no time once she gets out of the pool. 


We're all excited to be having family come and visit soon. I don't know what all we'll do, but it's always nice to have company. I know Hannah and Mally are looking forward to it. They can't wait to get their Poppy back out on the lake to go tubing. And now that it's warming up in the nights, maybe we'll be able to get someone to go camping, ha. We shall see.

Miss Hannah is loving all of the exciting stuff going on for the fifth graders. And they're preparing them for next year and explaining how to use a locker and how to keep it organized. Hannah has her money set aside for the accessories she'll be needing for her locker. She cannot wait!

Do you watch Swamp People? It's one of our favorite shows. Rusty has these shirts that he occasionally wears around the house and to work, they're the cotton short sleeve Polo's. Anyway, they look just like the one that the Alligator hunter named Troy always wears. They make Rusty look just him. Needless to say I have banned the shirts. Good grief! Everytime he walks around in one of those shirts I just can't help but laugh at him. It's now just a big joke and if he wears it, it's only to get on my nerves. We're dorks, we can't help it, haha!

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful week. We are gonna be so busy with class parties and everything else that goes on around here. Hopefully I'll remember to charge my camera and get a few pictures of the kids this week so I can post some better ones on here.

**Edited to add** Please pray for Joplin! That was a big part of our lives while living in Kansas, it was the only place to go for some fun. It's such a small town where everyone knows everyone and I know they are all devastated. Just keep them in your thoughts and prayers that loved ones are found and they are able to rebuild their town and their lives.

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