Monday, January 31, 2011

Weeked Update

This weekend it was so glorious and warm, which led to a lot of outdoor fun! Saturday we were out and about and saw that a fishin' place was open so we stopped and let the kids fish. It was a trout farm, so technically it was cheating, but the kids don't know and they didn't care. They had a blast! The guys at the place gutted them for us and put them on ice so we didn't have to do that part, but we had to clean them and de-bone them. Let's just say that we need some serious practice, I think we only got about 75% of the meat because we were just horrible!
When we first got home we thought it wouldn't take us any time to get the fish ready so we went out for a bike ride/walk around the neighborhood and explored some of the areas we hadn't paid much attention to. It was your classic Goldilocks and the Three Bears story, except without all the other stuff. Basically we just misjudged how long deboning fish and taking off the skin would take. Eating dinner at 9 was odd and we were starved beyond belief by the time we finally sat down, but those trout tasted amazing!

A couple of weeks ago the girls told me there was a cemetery in our neighborhood. Of course I didn't believe them and chopped it up to some of the other kids telling them ghost stories or something. Well, we went driving and sure enough there is was. It's fenced and looks very old. So while walking Saturday we walked by and Rusty walked up in there to check it out. He said they're all from the 1740's through the 1800's. How amazing is that! If I can work up the time (i.e. without my children) I am going to take a few pictures. I love cemeteries. Not in a morbid or strange way, I just think they are beautiful and peaceful, which may be strange to you, but I've always enjoyed walking through them.

Anyway, our walk was lovely and the kids enjoyed finally getting to ride their bikes. I am now convinced I want to get myself a bike and a place to stick Ava so we can enjoy these rides more often as the temps warm up. However I hope the old adage is true that you never forget how to ride a bike, considering I haven't ridden a real bike in four or five years when Rusty and I visited Catalina Island.

On Sunday we got another day of unbelievable warmth so I jumped at the opportunity to take Ava's two year pictures. She was not an easy subject to shoot at all! Basically I learned that if I am going to take Ava's pictures I need to be with her alone. Having Rusty and the girls there was too much of a distraction. She was just being a typical toddler and acting crazy. I did end up getting a couple of cute ones, but I'm going to give it one more try. I also learned that the ice cream was a fantastic prop, but I may need to wait and use it when she's a bit older, she was slightly messy!

I hope you all have a great week. I hear some of you are supposed to get some snow, to that I say patouie---you can keep it, I'm over it, ha.


AmyB said...

Oldness is ony of my favorite things about the east coast! There is a resort in Virginia that literally opened a few years before the Revolutionary war, therefore it was once British property. Thought that was so cool.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Trout are huge. Sounds like ya'll had a great time. Mmmm....fried fish, sounds great.
Enjoyed the blog. Love ya MOM

Anonymous said...

Oooops..forgot to ask. Is that Ava's Birthday dress? She's ready for spring weather! Frilly & girly. Yeah Ava!!! Love MiMi.