Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Bits of the Day

We're here. Boring Busy as ever. It's cold and rainy out here, so I try to avoid the out of doors after a certain  time of the day. Hannah and Mallorie had their doctor appointments today and they weighed the exact same amount and were only an inch different in height! I guess I'm not so surprised, but it was nice to know. Ava was crazy at the doctor's office and ran around yelling and showing off as much as possible. The kid is wild and impossible to go anywhere with right now. Mallorie had a total melt down when it came time for her shot. I had to physically make her get her shot. I am so mean! Afterwards I took them to Starbucks and let them get their favorite Fraps and that made everything better.

I've been attempting to take Ava's pictures for her Birthday and am having a difficult time. She thinks it's hilarious to run away from me while I'm trying to take a picture. She's getting so big all of sudden! And we even noticed some chub around her belly the other day, which was shocking considering she's normally got abs of steal! No rolls on this kid and never a chance to get any as she never sits still. As soon as the sun comes back out I am going to get her pictures made. I have been driving around all over looking for the perfect place for some pictures and think I may have found a few fun spots. Hannah and Mallorie will be getting their's made as well, hopefully.

We got Ava a Dora the Explorer backpack for Christmas and it goes everywhere with us now. Even church, it's her new diaper bag/snack bag. She thinks she's so big.

And one more. After I took Hannah and Mally back to school, Ava and I ran to Belk to try to find a cute birthday outfit. She thought it was more fun to hide under the clothes and pretend to be going to sleep. Here she was telling me to hush while her baby napped. Bossy Butt!!
I have to help Mallorie study tonight so I guess I better get going, but I'll try posting more tomorrow. Hope y'all are having a great week!

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning! goodness,Ava is growing up. Can't believe she will be 2 in just a few wks. Thanks for blog & great pics! Love MOM