Monday, February 7, 2011

Busy Day

Miss Ava had her first official haircut Monday. Not one tear shed, but that could be because of the Dora movie they had playing for her, or the IPod I brought her to play on. I just introduced my IPod to her the other day after downloading some toddler learning apps and she LOVES it! Puzzles, counting, colors...I can't believe how fast she caught on!

We only cut a couple inches, it was becoming quite tangly at the bottom and uneven. I researched kid hair salons and this was the closest to my house. I couldn't have been happier! Even Ava liked everything and everyone there.
We're growing out the bangs, maybe. I think she'd look cute with bangs, so we might go back to them this spring.
Hannah and Mallorie had their school's annual Valentine's dance Monday night. I wasn't aware of Hannah whereabouts during the dance, but I got a few quick pics before. Thy looked cute, but Mallorie was worried that she might be a little overdressed....she wasn't at all. Some of these girls were dressed up big time, they were all adorable and all the kids had a great time.
 Isn't this the best blackmail picture ever!? Hannah's face is priceless!!
Mally and one of her friends dancing with big kid Ava.
Hannah and her friend. She always speaks and loves on Ava when we see her and Ava loves it.
I have some video of Ava dancing that I want to post, but it will have to wait. It's nearly midnight and Ava's refusing to go to bed and I'm exhausted. So hopefully I'll get it done in the morning while she sleeps. Anyway, I hope you have a good day, I'll be in the gym on the treadmill hopefully working off the leftover baby weight from my pregnancy with Hannah, ha!

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Anonymous said...

Happiness all around! Glad to have an updated post w/pics. Cute haircut Miss Ava...soon to be b-day girl! Will call tomorrow for details on the dance. Love ya MOM