Thursday, January 6, 2011

A True, Sad Story

While we were at Mimi and Poppy's house for Christmas, Holly and her Mommy and Daddy came to visit. I knew now that she was getting older she was going to start realizing how cool I was. Here is the actual account of the conversation we had:

Holly-"Aunt Sawah, can I pwease come live with you. You have so many fun kids and I could pway wif them and it will be lots of fun."
Me-"Aww Holly, I wish you could, but your Mommy would miss you so much."

Holly-"Did you just tell me NO? No one tells me no! My feewings are so hurt."
Me-"Umm, sorry. You can come visit me very soon and we'll have lots of fun."
Holly-"But I'm so funny! See, I make funny faces and I am so chubby and snuggly!"
Me-"Oh dear"
Holly-"Look how big I am, I can even help you cwean your house. I even have my mom's genetics so I may have an uncanny need to clean everything!" (She really said that, can you imagine!?)
Me-"I wish you could come live with me Holly, but your mommy and daddy would be so sad. I'm sorry I'm so awesome, when you're bigger you can stay with me for a long time if you want!"
Holly-"Fine, make me go live wif these freak shows."
Me-"Well, let me talk to Uncle Rusty. Maybe it would be better if you came and lived with Auntie Sarah!"
Holly-"Finally, you see my point."
Me-"He said no, sorry sweetie. Too many girls in the house, he said it would be unfair."
Holly-"Well, he's on my bad wist now, I'll have to deal wif these weirdos a little longer."
In the end it was all for the best. Turns out Holly doesn't have it so bad. I can't wait until she does get to come visit me, but until then I hope her goofy parents don't rub off on her too much, ha!


stephanie dawson said...

How hilarious! She is adorable! Seems u guys r very happy I'm so happy for u all!

Anonymous said...

Holly can come stay with MiMi & Poppie. Loved the story & pictures Aunt Sawae! Hugs, MOM