Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blog? What Blog?

Knock, knock......Anyone still out there? What a blog hiatus I just took. Not to mention, I have a toddler who has decided that her bedtime should be midnight so my normal blogging hour is no longer available. Thankfully she usually sleeps in in the mornings later than when the kids go to school, so now I can try blogging during the am.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a fun New Year. We were in a hotel in Jackson, Mississippi and asleep before midnight on New Year's Eve. I'm not sure when we became so exciting, but I do remember waking up in the hotel a few times to the sound of fireworks going off outside and getting extremely perturbed. How sad. To add to my utter coolness, my Swagger Wagon finally came in yesterday. The kids didn't care a bit until they saw the DVD monitors in the back seat. Then they decided they would ride with me. I'm going to miss that fancynancy Lexus Rusty's office gave me to drive while we waited on my new ride, but I will be so happy to be able to seperate my children so they don't kill each other in the back seat anymore. And I hear dvd's make fantastic babysitters, ha!

So this may be a little late, but while in the car I forced Rusty into converstaion by asking him what he thought some of our most important events were of 2010. I was bored and working on a blog post that never got written....

Our most obvious event was our move across country from California to Georgia. I am still so happy with the move. I miss our friends terribly and miss Disneyland A LOT (who would've thought?), but I feel so good being here, like I belong here, finally. Not that our friends didn't make us feel like we belonged in California, they did, they loved us like family, but I never felt at ease there or like it was "home".

Secondly, Rusty and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. And for the tenth time in a row we didn't get to celebrate our anniversary, ha, but maybe that's the secret of our happy marriage, we don't sweat the small stuff. Family be warned, we will be needing a babysitter this year for our anniversary, we are at the very least having dinner alone and probably not picking the kids up for a few days. Fair warning.

My kids. Hannah turned 11, Mallorie turned 9 and Ava turned ONE! Holy cow. Sometimes I still think it's weird that I have three kids. Now that Ava's about to turn two I think it's time to stop thinking that, but it's the truth. She has certainly added some fun to our house and I am ever so grateful that we were blessed with her! Hannah and Mallorie switching schools was pretty hard on them, but they are doing amazing and their grades are getting so much better than they ever were before.

My accent. I'm pretty sure it was never fully gone, but only hiding under the surface, but boy has it come back out. I blame Paula Deen and all the people at "the WalMarts". I think it's funny here, at one place you'll hear an entire spectrum of the same accent. Georgia accents are a lot like Texas with just a little more sweetness to them. Maybe that's the way to describe them, I haven't decided, but I know that I like 'em!

Rusty and I got ourselves a new mattress as a Christmas present to one another and I'm pretty sure I have never loved a piece of furniture more. We gave Hannah our full size mattress and bed and she thinks it's the best thing ever. We had such a wonderful Christmas this year and like always we were blessed to be able to spend a lot of time with our family. Rusty even got to go hunting and camping with his little brother and brother-in-law, what fun they had. And what an ugly hog Rusty killed. I really appreciated him texting me the picture of the dead hog and since I love you so much I'll save you from the image. But trust me, it was horific!

I'm working really hard to get the house in some kind of working order, putting everything away and keeping everything super organized. I'm going out of my mind with ideas of things I want to make and things I want to paint. I don't know when I'll find the time, but I really want to get some stuff done. My camera and watercolors have been calling my name and so has my sewing machine. We'll see what comes from all of this pent up energy.

That post was kind of all over the place, but I have lots to talk about and not a lot of time to get it all in right now. Come back tomorrow, I have a story in pictures I want to share. It involves a little munchkin named Holly.

I hope you're having a wonderful week, it's halfway over and that's always a fun thing! Talk to you soon!


celestiap said...

we loved having you guys here @ thanksgiving! it meant so much to Memaw & everyone. We love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Can you say "cheese"? Beautiful smiles on such cute faces! Love the blog too! Hugs, MiMi.