Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Great Blizzard of 2011

It wasn't really a blizzard. There are only about five inches of snow on the ground. There is a lot of ice covering the snow and our roads are hardly passable. If this were up North, they'd be having no problems, but since they aren't used to this snow and junk everything is shut down and everybody on the road is having wrecks. Yuck!!

But here at the house we are loving it! Thankfully we didn't lose electricity due to the ice like others have. Rusty's office closed yesterday and is delayed today so he is home with us going nuts. He hates being couped up and I don't blame him. He's not used to having to be closed up in the house with the kids, having to watch 23 episodes of Dora the Explorer all day long. I frequently get questions about whether I have to do this everyday? My answer is yes, yes I do. I think he feels sorry for me, ha.

This is a picture from yesterday morning when we went outside to look at how much snow we got. It still looks like this today!
This next set of pictures is quite possibly my favorite of the day. He would wipe out so many times, probably on purpose just to make us laugh.
We had (when I say we, I mean they) so much fun sledding down the hills yesterday. Mallorie stayed outside for hours. Luckily we have a neighbor who let Mallorie borrow her snow bib and waterproof gloves so along with her waterproof boots, she was nice and toasty all day.
Today we're just hanging around, eventually I'll let the kids venture outside. I'm going to delay them as long as possible. It's not that I don't like the snow, I do, but they get covered in it and then come in and then I have a whole bunch more stuff to clean up then I did before they went out. Plus it's icy today and I don't think they realize that it's not going to be quite as fun as it was yesterday in the fluffy snow.
Right now Rusty's warming the car up so he can try to head to the office. I think I'm going to send him to the store for anything else I might need while he's gone so that I don't have to leave the house at all this week. And as slow as they are clearing the road, I kind of doubt whether the kids will have school at all this week, especially since the temps won't be above freezing all week! Pray for me people! This will be a test of my patience for sure!

Have a great day.


celestiap said...

Love your pictures! we got like 5 inches here in Frisco it is still around today but sun is out so I'm hoping it will melt off today. It's nice not having to drive into work ! I just scraped the snow from Moms car so she can venture out to her workout at curves. The roads all all good:) Have a great day & thanks for sharing!

AmyB said...

Ha! This is reminisent of my winter last year! I told my aunt it was not acceptable to have cabin fever after only one day! ;) Have fun!

Anonymous said...

You should have titled this "Wipeout!" I can't believe the snow ya'll got. No wonder the schools & businesses are closed. Can you imagine a school bus tryingto negotiate the roads? Looks like everyone had fun. Enjoy another day with the kiddos...Day 3 at home...who ever heard of a 5 day weekend! Love ya. MOM