Sunday, December 5, 2010

We ARE Still Alive

I've neglected this blog long enough! We got to go to Texas for the entire week of Thanksgiving, came home and some of us were already sick and the rest of us got nasty sick, and since then we've decorated the house for Christmas and enjoyed Rusty's fancy office Christmas Party. In between all of that fun and excitement I bought ONE Christmas present. It's fair to say that I am so behind with getting ready for Christmas. It's been a busy last two weeks and it doesn't look like it'll be slowing down anytime soon. My mom gets to come up and visit next week and I am so ready to see her and hopefully she won't mind keeping an eye on my little monsters so that I can run out and get some surprises from Santa before Christmas comes at our house.

Speaking of Rusty's Christmas Party. I found a few dresses online that I liked and went to our local mall to try to find one of them. I went to all of the normal department stores and was about ready to call it a night because Ava was especially rotten, but decided to run into Dillards real quick and take a look. They had two of the dresses I had found online and really liked. The one that I ended up liking the most was a size smaller than I normally wear and I wasn't even going to try it on, but did and loved it, the price tag was well over a hundred bucks (horrendous), but I was willing to pay it out of desperation and exhaustion! I got to the register and the dress rang up for THIRTY dollars. Holy moly, I almost cried. What an awesome day! Y'all I swear that I was sweating and ready to run out of the mall screaming from dealing with Ava and on top of that apparently there was a tornado outside of the mall while we were there, it was a bit of a chaotic night. So that dress being so cheap just made my day. I love a good deal, but I hate looking for them, if that makes sense, it can just become annoying to search for the cheapest of everything. After that wonderful buy I went and spent the money I had saved on the dress at Starbucks to treat the girls to a yummy drink, ha.

I can't wait to show you my Christmas decorations. We bought a real tree this year since Rusty had never had one before. Plus, and this is a huge plus, I sold our fake Christmas tree in our moving sale this summer because it was so huge and I did not want to try packing it in a moving truck, and so why not buy a big beautiful real tree. The smell alone is worth it to me. We put those big old fashioned colored bulbs outside on the house and around our front door and I love it. I really didn't think I would because I am not a fan of multi-colored lights, but once it was up I fell in love. It's adorable. I still like the all white lights look, but I am definitely warming up to the big colored bulbs.

Our temperature high here tomorrow is 41. It's so cold. I'm still not ready to pack away my flip flops. It's something I got completely spoiled with in Southern California and it's hard to give them up. I only own two pair of close toe shoes so I think I'll be asking Santa for some shoes this Christmas. Meanwhile, Rusty gets to go work in South Florida now during the week and enjoy some warm weather. Poor guy. I cannot wait to get to go down there with him and warm my toes in the white powdery sand!

I'll be back to post tomorrow, right now I've got to go finish packaging the dozens of cookies I baked and decorated for the girls' school for tomorrow morning. If you like peanut butter and chocolate taste (sort of like the puppy chow people snack) you need to try this! They are called Muddy Buddy Cookies and they are on the Pioneer Woman's Tasty Kitchen website. They are delicious! For the recipe just click the name of the cookies above, try them and add 6 inches to your waste line, or do what I do and just make them and give them away and still end up adding inches to your waistline. I'm pretty sure I gain weight just smelling food, haha!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday. Stay warm and enjoy the Holiday season. I know it gets annoying dealing with grouchy, pushy people during this time of year, but show them extra love this year and I promise it will make you feel so good.


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Anonymous said...

OF COURSE MiMi won't mind watching the munchkins! We'll either be in the kitchen baking or playing games,just ask Mallie. Ready to see my girls. Hannah & Ava will be my helpers too.
I went Christmas shopping Saturday & you know it seemed like everyone was really in the Christmas spirit.
Please, thank you & a graciousness among shoppers...something I haven't seen in a while. "may I help you?", gentlemen opening the door, even store personnel being extra helpful in finding things! I had a good day shopping & did not come away frustrated. Thank you Target. Have a great day. Hugs. MOM