Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Product Review

So on my blog I usually only blog about my children, me, or my children, but I've decided to change that. Well, maybe. I haven't decided yet. One thing that I love about blogs is learning something new. My favorite kinds of blogs are the ones that either make me laugh so hard I nearly wet my pants or inspire me to do or try something new.

I HATE washing dishes, more than the normal housewife should. It's the nastiest job ever, next to cleaning toilets, to me anyway. But lately I have been more than happy to do them and this product is helping to make it so much more enjoyable. Every time I open the dishwasher after the load is done, every dish is spotless. Clean and no water spots. In our last house I was using a certain type of liquid and it just wasn't getting the job done and our dishwasher was having problems drying the dishes. I haven't had a problem with these at all. Plus, they aren't that much more than liquid or powder and you aren't having to wonder whether or not you are using too much or not enough. I know that this isn't anything life changing, but they make me happy. Try them, I don't think you'll regret it!!

I finally broke down and bought myself a Scentsy. The scent is Christmas Cottage and oh yummmm. I love to walk into someone's home and have a smell overtake me. Well, I should rephrase that. I love to walk into someone's home and a warm, welcoming smell overtake me. Yes, that's what I mean. There's nothing nicer than when your house smells good and not like stinky dishes because you hate washing them. Not that mine would ever smell like that, ahem. Since this is only the wall plug-in size, it doesn't make the whole house smell, but I keep it in my kitchen so when I walk in from the garage this is the smell that I get. I think I'll be adding to my Scentsy collection soon for other rooms. Do you have one? If so what's your favorite scent? I have to admit I do not like the sweet, food smells. I like to smell cinnamon smells in the fall and winter and then very floral smells in the spring and summer. Mmmmm. A smell truly can help set the mood in your home.

And lastly, I would like to send a shout-out to my hubby. We hardly ever argue, but the other day we did. I cried. It was ugly. Today I got flowers. What did you learn from this ladies? Ha ha, I'm just kidding! He was very thoughtful and I love them. I think I may love the vase even more, but the flowers smell a little like Heaven! They are so beautiful. It was a nice surprise and makes him being gone for work a little less hard. Thanks babe. 

I hope y'all have a wonderful Friday. I am so happy that it's finally the weekend. This was one long week. Ava went to the doctor, but ended up not getting her shots since her old doctor's office did not fax over her shot records yet, but she did get weighed and measured. She's a whole 33.5 inches tall and only 24 pounds. Basically she's just tall and skinny. I love her new doctor, she was extremely sweet and even called me after the appointment to talk to me about something she forgot to mention during the exam. I always think that is nice, especially since she could've just had one of her nurses call. Hannah and Mallorie get to go after Thanksgiving. Going for check-ups always make me thankful for such healthy kids. I'm not braggy about it, I am just truly thankful. We take it for granted, but I know that I am a blessed momma.

If you're travelling for Thanksgiving, I hope your travels are safe AND that there is no drama or stress on your holiday!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the blog. It's kinda like reading a journal/diary! How I wish I had started a daily journal years ago. Have a good day; I know you've got lots to do. Be sure you all yell "Hi TEXAS" when you come across the state line!!! See ya soon. Love MOM