Monday, November 15, 2010

A Little Family Update

It's 1 am. Ava just fell asleep. She has a doctor appointment in the morning, er, in a few hours. We went to pick up Mally from her friend's house and Ava fell asleep on the way home. This drives me crazy. And it always seems to happen. And if I stay up past midnight then I may as well stay up all night because I get this second wind that doesn't allow me to fall asleep easily.

I'm so excited about Ava's dr appointment tomorrow to see how much she weighs and whatever else they do. Not so excited about her shots that she'll be receiving. Boo. She turned 21 months old Sunday and it feels so strange that she's turning 2 in just a few short months. Did I mention lately that she's potty trained? I am so proud of her. We aren't potty trained at night, that will come, but during the day she's doing great. We are just venturing out without a diaper and about 90% of the time go without an accident. Sunday at church she did great and only had an accident when she got really tired and grumpy and couldn't communicate to the teacher that she needed to go. No matter, I am so happy for her to feel so big and to be able to use the big girl potty.

I have NOTHING to blog about, but someone (named my mother) posted an anonymous comment that I needed to update, so here you go.

I am so ready for Thanksgiving to be near family. Not so ready for the hustle and bustle of running to so many houses, but that comes with living far away, I guess. Almost every single day and minute of our week is almost planned and it starts making the week seem short and already over. But, I will be taking lots of pictures, loving on my niece and nephew, and hopefully seeing a few old friends while I'm there. Also, I am already looking forward to Christmas and spending even more time there going to all of my very favorite antique stores and downtown shops in my hometown.

Speaking of hometown. I used to loath going back there. I hated everything about it. Now, as I get older I am actually starting to miss it. I don't think I'd ever move back, but I do enjoy being there while on vacations. It's gotten better in the past few years, there's more to do and that helps so much.

I signed up to make cookies for Mallorie's class. It's only two dozen and I LOVE to make cookies, but now I don't know what I'll make. There are so many yummy ones to choose from. I want to make some that are extra Christmasy. I shall comb through all of my favorite cooking blogs to find just the right cookie, or end up just make sugar cookies with cute icing decor. Either way, it'll be last minute, ha.

We were at Kohl's the other day buying Rusty some khakis and when we get to the register we got the sales pitch of the century to apply for a Kohl's card. Usually they just ask and if you say no, they let it go. This woman was good. She kept on and on about how great it would be and what all perks we can get with it. The whole time I am sitting there thinking how hard we are working to get out of debt and how adding a store credit card with an insanely high interest rate would be the dumbest mistake we could make and then my husband looks over at me and says "What do you think?". Ugh! I said don't do it, that's horrible! The lady gave me the most horrible look I've gotten recently because I didn't give into her pushy ways. I know she would've probably made some kind of commission off of it or was in a contest at her store, but come on! I have intolerance for people like that or maybe I should say that way of acting.

This weekend in a ploy to get Hannah and Mallorie to clean their rooms, I told them to pretend they were on one of those tv shows that reorganize and redecorate people's homes. It worked! They did Mallorie's room first, on their own they moved her bed and heavy, very old dresser. Her room is spotless and I have to admit that it looks fantastic. The layout is so much better. Hannah's room, however, didn't have good end results. She has a pretty big room, so she has more options about where her furniture can go. SO she ended up putting her bed right infront of her closet. ???  To get to her closet she has to climb over her bed. I think we'll be re-redecorating tomorrow. But overall, they did a fantastic job.

I got Hannah's mid-semester grades last week and am happy to report that she has brought her grades up significantly! The first semester she did not do very well. Which I blame somewhat on adjusting to a new school, new kids, everything changing around her. Now her grades are all in the A-B category. Phew! Mallorie is doing better as well it seems.

I am finally starting to feel sleepy. I am gonna hit the sack and hope that Ava and I can get up easily in the morning.


FP said...

Your pictures are great! I really enjoyed your blog and I salute you for your work, I am pleased to join the followers.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog & reading about 3 munchkins! Yeah Ava! So proud of you. Wonder what H&M would think if you had the video camera on as they "pretended" they were on a TV show? Thanks for the update. See you soon. Love MOM