Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

We had a lot of fun Sunday evening. We got home from our trip up to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, threw on our costumes and hit the neighborhood. I was so surprised at how packed our neighborhood got and how many neighbors were out visiting. Beautiful night for trick or treating!

While we were out and about we saw three deer between the houses. We've been on the lookout for deer and were so happy to finally see them tonight. The girls were busy getting their candy and missed them, but they were so pretty.
Ava had the best time. You can't tell in this pictures, she had just taken a fall and busted her lip, but she ran from house to house and loved getting candy. After it got dark, she would point to the ground and tell Rusty and I where we had to stand while she went to the door. It got closer and closer to the front porch at each house. She had us laughing so hard! So bossy.
I hope you had a fun Halloween. We're so tired and will be resting the next few days as the girls get to stay home from school for teacher work days. Their momma is so happy!

I can't believe it's already November! Have you started Christmas shopping yet? I bought my first gift the other day and feel so strange about it, ha. I always end up waiting until December, but am super excited to get busy shopping!!

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Anonymous said...

Great pics. Sounds like everyone had a great time, except for Ava's boo-boo. thanks for blogging. Love MOM.