Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Orange & Yellow, Red & Green

Since we now live so close to lots of places we have never explored, we've made it our goal to seek out as much of the east coast and south as we can in a weekend. This weekend we drove up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and drove through the gorgeous mountains and trees. Let me tell you that the bright colors in the trees were breathtakingly beautiful!
Even the weather was perfect. We hiked and saw some pretty waterfalls and just enjoyed the views all around us. We weren't prepared to hike, it was a last minute decision, and a poor decision at that. I had on Uggs and nearly fell a handful of times. The girls were in dresses, I'm not sure why, they packed themselves, ha. Rusty was the only one smart enough to wear tennis shoes. Aside from the dumb shoes, we had a blast.
Are you sick of my tree pictures yet? I can't get enough. I couldn't believe the boldness of the colors. I don't even remember seeing colors like this in the midwest. I loved fall when we lived there, but now I think I have fallen in love with it a little more.
Little Red Riding Hood did pretty good. We were in Rusty's tiny car (free gas, can't pass it up) and she was pretty bored the entire time. But when it was time to get out of the car and explore, she was as happy as could be.
On the way home she pulled the ribbons out of her costume so she got to wear the other costume she had for Halloween. Thanks NanaK for the pretty costume, we were glad to have it!
She's not taking much of a nap these days. I'm sad. But, she's so funny that I can almost get past it.
The big girls had a lot of fun, as long as we weren't in the car. Mallorie was constantly complaining that she was bored and that she didn't have enough room. I begged her to take a nap, but she wouldn't hear of it. Needless to say, it was a long drive, ha!
But, like I said, as long as we were out of the car, she was having a wonderful time. They love exploring and taking drives as much as Rusty and I do, but we all decided that we won't be taking another weekend drive trip until we get our Swagger Wagon van. That tiny car was not comfy for five at all!
Hannah and Mallorie go back to school tomorrow and I think Ava and I will bake some cookies and play outside after we get out all of our cool weather clothes. The high here tomorrow is only 54!!! I LOVE it! It was only 57 today and it was glorious. That chill in the air is a welcome feeling after the hot summer. Plus it makes for a great excuse to start up the fireplace.


Anonymous said...

I bet the trees/colors/foliage was gorgeous! Wonderful pics of girls. They are growing up too fast! See you soon. Love MOM

Mandijo said...

Love all the fall pictures, Im jealous!! We are looking at swagger wagons right now too. Going this afternoon actually and looking between the 2010's and 2011's.