Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Playing outside this evening we taught Ava how to catch. She thinks she's the coolest!
Here's a conversation we have everyday.
Me: Hey Ava, who loves you?
Ava: MomMom an Dadda
Me: Can I have a hug?
Ava: No
Me: Can I have a kiss?
Ava: No
Me: Did you know I love you?
Ava: No
Me: Are you silly?
Ava: No
I go through this with her everyday because I think it's so funny. I love that she says no all the time. Lately she's been saying "I don't know", and since we're potty training, some potty talk. And we've added "wawa" or water to the mix as well. She still doesn't say anything with a B sound, but we're working on it. She's also doing much better when we go to church. She gets very stiff in my arms when she figures out where we're going, but once she gets in there she is happy. The last nursery worker said all Ava wanted to do was read books. She said Ava got almost every book off the shelf and wanted to go through them all. I know this feeling, it's our evening every night. She LOVES books and will get upset if you don't read them to her!
In our neighborhood we all have these Maple trees in our front yard. My neighbor's is already deep into the color change. It's so pretty.
I snapped this accidental picture of Mallorie tonight and I loved it. She doesn't usually like for me to take her picture, so I was overly happy to catch this one. Tuesday morning I had to drive Hannah to school because she had a huge project to take with her. Mallorie asked to ride the bus, but only if I didn't mind. This has never happened! She always wants to be with me. I guess she's growing up on me. I'm so sad.

I still haven't found a doctor for the girls, I keep forgetting. I have to get that done this week. Ava's a whole month behind on her vaccinations. Not that I'm a huge fan of them, but I want her to have the most necessary ones. Also I'll be getting my Swagger Wagon in about 6 weeks. I know I said we were looking at the 4Runner or the Highlander, but after driving them both we decided on the Sienna. I'm so excited for this to get here. I've been very blessed that Lexus gave me a fancy RX400h to drive while we wait on my van to be delivered, but it is too small for our family. The kids fight and fuss the whole time they're back there when we all go somewhere. It'll be so nice to be able to let them sit on different rows.
Plus, I can't say this didn't help me decide, ha!

Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

THIS has got to be one of the funniest blogs ever! You have joined the ranks of mommyhood - I LOVE my Sienna, hands down! Cute pics & stories this week. Love my girls! MOM

sbeudy said...

You can't help but laugh when you see that video

ashley anthony said...

i don't have kids yet, but i want a dang swagger wagon! that was great!