Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tongue Ache

I am so glad it's Friday. Rusty gets home today around the same time the kids will get home from school and then we will be able to spend some much needed time hanging out. This week has been rough with Ava feeling so bad and throwing such bad fits. Plus, Mallorie is mad at me because I didn't let her friends come over. Well, I said they could, but then it didn't work with their parents, blahblahblah. Anyway, she and one of the girls are already having "drama". Mallorie said the little girl won't play with her and their other friend anymore. Oh man, I almost can't stand it. The drama never ends when you have girls! Hannah has her fair share as well. There is one little girl that Hannah complains about every day. Apparently she's the girl who acts like a princess and treats people like butts. Naturally Hannah tells me every single thing said by that girl. I do not envy my children at school. Not at all. But sheesh at the drama.

With Ava though, things seem to be a bit simpler. I think we figured out the problem and are now on our way to recovery!

The other day I noticed a white spot on the end of her tongue, but thought nothing of it. It looked bigger the next day, but again, I figured she had just bit it and thought nothing else about it. That day I noticed she wasn't eating much, but thought maybe she just wasn't in the mood to eat, like toddlers do sometimes. Yesterday and the day before I knew she was hungry, but she wouldn't eat. All she would do was scream. It was killing me. She would hardly even drink. I noticed her grabbing at her mouth everytime she tried to eat, but she wouldn't let me see inside. I thought maybe a tooth, but remembered the tongue. She must think I'm the worst mommy ever. I have been trying to feed her her favorite things, thinking that would make her eat better. Spaghetti, apples, oranges, the list goes on and on. All the time, I was hurting her! Poor baby. So today she still won't let me look, but I've been able to get her to eat some bland food. Rice with a little left over white gravy on it and yogurt. No wonder she's so dang skinny! Anyway, I can't seem to get her to let me see in her mouth, but I think it may be a canker soar. If it isn't better after this weekend I'm taking her to see a pediatrician.

Every afternoon while waiting for the girls to get home from school, Ava and I hang out in the front yard. Wednesday we had the prettiest blue skies with no clouds, I just had to snap a few pictures. These pics are not her normal happy faces though. She's been tired all week from lack of sleep and lack of nutrients, but I think she's on the mend.
I was laying down on the grass trying to get her to stand above me so I could get a picture with sun spots, but she thought it was too fun to try to lay down with me and get her face right in the camera. I love this little stinker!
And Mom, I know her bangs are in her face, she was playing outside and they fell....I usually keep them pinned. (I only wrote that because I know it'll get on your nerves,lol)

This weekend I plan on taking a billion pictures of my girls and my hubby, buying some new running shoes, joining a gym and who knows what else. There are lots of fun things to do. Hopefully I'll have a new little niece by this weekend! Her due date is Sunday...pray for her to come soon! My trip out there is next weekend so I just hope she's here by then.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday. It's supposed to be like 92 here tomorrow and then be in the low 80's all weekend. Fall, you are welcome to come on as soon as you like. These chilly mornings have me all excited for the season change. Already Rusty and I have seen lots of trees changing color around here. So exciting. Do you realize I haven't had a real Fall in FIVE YEARS?!?! I love it. I've already put some fall decor out. Just one thing that I got at Hobby Lobby yesterday, but still it's exciting.

Okay, have a good day.


sbeudy said...

Michaels had the best idea for a fall wreath. Take a big frame and remove the glass, and use a regular wooden wreath that you decorated with whatever flowers you want in it. Add a bow, ribbon and hang it in the frame and then hang it on the outside of your door. So pretty. You can like them on FB, and there is a video on there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know, I have this "thing" about neat hair. Regardless, Ava is a cutie! You guys have a great weekend. I am ready for Holly to make her appearance too. Love you all. MOM