Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Day

It's Tuesday night. It's late and I don't feel sleepy at all. Plus it's the only quiet time I'm going to get today so I'm taking advantage of it. Ava gave me a run for my money today. We usually always take a nap after Hannah and Mallorie hop on the bus. Today was the same, but after she woke up she was fussy. I took her to Chick-fil-a because it makes everybody feel better, plus we were hungry. She wasn't that interested in eating. She wasn't bad at all, just not her normal self. Then she fell asleep on the way home from our errands and all afternoon and evening she was whiny, grouchy and just unusually grumpy. Not my normal kiddo. I don't know what to think. She acts hungry, but will barely eat. Her tongue has a big white and red mark on the end and I'm thinking she's bitten it a few times and that might be keeping her from wanting to eat. Poor kid, I don't know what to do for her. I gave her some baby ibuprofen, but it didn't help.  Thankfully her big sisters were good helpers with her tonight.

Hannah and Mallorie have pictures tomorrow. I cannot believe it, but Mallorie actually let me blow out her hair. With her, that's huge. Her hair is so thick and wavy which in turn makes it into a tangled mess of giant blond hair. She always cries when we brush her hair and no matter how much spray or conditioner we use, it doesn't help. I can't wait to see her hair when she's an adult, I'm sure it'll be beautiful.
Hannah did her usual hair style, but will be sporting the headband with her outfit. And a skirt. This is big news. Hannah wouldn't be caught wearing a skirt last year, this year, she's gettin' girly!

When the girls got home from school yesterday I asked them how lunch was at school and was letting them know they should have plenty of money left in their account for the rest of the week. Mallorie, who is always quick with the comebacks, whips out her hand and with attitude, says "well, if that were true, then I wouldn't have gotten this!". She had a big ugly stamp on her hand and I was a bit concerned because I put $10 in her account the other day and their lunches are only $1.90 a day. So of course I'm thinking that maybe the lunch lady is getting her mixed up with someone else or something along those lines. Tonight I go on her account and check it out and it turns out Mallorie's been buying extras at lunch. A bag of chips one day, a Rice Krispy treat one day. Those little boogers are almost as expensive as her lunch, so of course her account is almost depleted. Silly kid, she probably has no idea those things are costing her extra. I don't know, but it gave me a good laugh and I can't wait to tell her in the morning when she gets up.

So many things have made getting ready in the mornings here so much easier. For example, the girls are allowed to wear flip flops or sandals to school if they want. If they have PE that day then they can just bring their tennis shoes to school with them. I'm loving some of the stuff the schools here do as well. Lunches here are so much cheaper. $3 each per day in California and only $1.90 each per day with a lot of choices here in Georgia. Another thing, they are loving is not having any spelling tests. They have vocabulary tests where they do get marked for spelling incorrectly, but no spelling tests. They never have more than four pages of homework per night. Used to, you never knew how many pages would come home, but now they actually get a chance to watch some tv, or go on a walk as a family. Things may change if they get a project or a report, but basic homework isn't so heavy anymore. One more thing I am loving is the school bus. The three times I have taken them to school, I have become frustrated and decided it just isn't worth doing due to the horrible traffic. I didn't think I would like the bus because it made me nervous, thinking they wouldn't know where to go, but they are doing great and are loving getting to visit with their friends on the way home.

Speaking of friends, Mallorie has a few that she made plans with today at school to have them come over. Of course their moms have never met me and they couldn't come, but I was so proud of Mallorie for taking a leap and calling them on the phone and talking to them herself. She was so sad they couldn't come, but now I will call the moms and try to arrange a time to meet with them so that Mallorie can start playing with them. She and Hannah already have a list of friends they want to come over for their birthday. Oh my gosh! I don't know what I'm going to do.

Ava keeps waking up and crying a bit, but them falling back to sleep. That kid is going to be so tired in the morning. I hope she's able to get some good rest. I wonder if she's getting more teeth or just not feeling good. I guess I better go try to see if I can get her to calm down.
I hope you have a good Wednesday. Pray for my little sister, Becky. She's due this week and it's her first bebe, so she's nervous!


Anonymous said...

Thankfully you discovered Ava's dilemma - more teeth. I'm sure she'll feel better soon. So glad to hear all the positives in your blog today -- sounds like the move to Georgia was good in lots of ways. Have a great day! Maybe Holly will decide to arrive today.
We're waiting for THE phone call. Love MOM

AmyB said...

Hope you have Ava's pediatrician set up! ;) Whenever Noah's like that, its usually teeth or sickness. Glad ya'll are enjoying the schools!

Anonymous said...

That is great news! Already a list of friends for b-day. What fun you will have! Get ready- girly squeals all over the house. You've got plenty of room for a sleepover too. Happy-a-day is just around the corner. Love ya MOM