Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm Bored

The weekend is over. We didn't do much all weekend, which was fine with all of us. I did get my flight booked to go see my sister and her soon-to-be new little bebe. I cannot wait! She even asked me to take her newborn pictures. I am truly so honored!! I have been scouring the internet for some fun inspiration for different and beautiful newborn photography. In my head I have an idea of what this little cutie is going to look like. Based on what my sister looked like, she will probably have dark curly hair. I guess they've been seeing lots of hair on this little one's head for the past couple of months, so I know she's going to have a head full. But maybe she'll take after her dad and have light hair. I don't know, but I only have about a week 'til I find out.

We also went to a church Sunday morning. What we've found since we got here is that there are a lot of huge mega-churches. I don't necessarily find anything wrong with those places, I just don't want to feel lost. We went to one that had a little over a thousand people and it wasn't too bad. The sermon was great and the kids seemed to enjoy it, but we'll be trying a few more in the next few weeks. Ava went to the nursery. Not a great experience for her. She cried a lot and apparently threw up all over her dress, but when I went to pick her up, she was laughing and playing. I just need to leave her a little more, she's never stayed in a nursery before without me because we haven't had one to go to before. But she'll have to get used to it because she'll be staying at one at the gym as well. I certainly want to pray that God will lead us to the church family he wants us to be a part of. Rusty and I both feel very strongly about sticking to a non-denominational church.

We also bought a recliner and there haven't been any fights over it yet, but I can sense the tension in the air between Rusty and Mallorie. She loves it, but does Rusty love it more???? All I know is that it's the most comfy recliner I think I've ever sat in. In this new house we have a living room downstairs and a living area upstairs as well so we didn't really have enough furniture to fill the house. Getting this recliner means we don't have to touch each other on accident while watching tv anymore. Yipee! 
Ava's been sleeping most of the night in her toddler bed. We have had the worst time with her wanting to sleep with us and whenever we'd put her in her bed she would just freak out. So when we moved to our new house, the master bedroom is huge and we have very little furniture to put in there we decided to put her in our room, but instead of using a crib, we went ahead a changed her crib to the toddler bed. She loves getting in the toddler bed and laying down. She hasn't fallen asleep in it yet, I usually have to rock her or hold her, but she does really well when we put her in there. At night when she wakes up, she doesn't get upset, she just gets up and finds me. It's given us quite a bit more rest lately.
*As I was typing that last night, she fell out of her bed and wouldn't go back to bed no matter where I put her. It always happens like that, you know, when you are saying something good about something, something bad happens.

This week Hannah and Mallorie start their fourth week of school. I can't believe it's already been that many weeks. We're already in the stage where the school starts sending home the outrageously overpriced school picture order forms. I made Rusty decide which packet to buy tonight with me because I didn't want to be the one to spend all of our life savings buying a school picture by myself, that's really more of a family decision. All kidding aside, we are only getting like 3 sheets and it's $30..each. And none of them are bigger than 5x7's. So ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I'll love and treasure their pictures for the rest of my life, but I hate spending money on stuff like this, er, I hate feeling like I have to spend money on this stuff.

Man that all sounds so whiny, but it's true.

This week Rusty has to go on a short trip and then next weekend we've got plans to go visit The Mall of Georgia. And there's a rodeo that will be in town that weekend. I haven't gone to a real rodeo in so long and I'd love to take the girls to a rodeo to see all the cute cowboys witness the fun of a rodeo. Plus, and this is a big plus, we found where the farmer's market is held. I love going to the farmer's market. This last weekend we went driving and exploring down roads we'd never been down before and there were so many people selling fresh produce on the side of the road and in their front yards. I never carry cash on me,well I do, but I always spend it so fast that it's like I never have any, but I so wished I had had some money so I could have bought some of the yummy watermelons or squash. It all looked so good, now I am even more pumped about the farmer's market!

Lastly, I found a gym that has a great monthly price and daycare while I work out that I can watch on my monitor if I want. I think I will get that membership started next weekend. I am so happy. I cannot get motivated to work out at home. It's so boring. If one thing bothers me, or if I get distracted, I quit. I would assume it's hard on most people to work out at home, but I'm probably wrong and just looking for an excuse not to work out when I'm home, ha. At a gym I love it and just want to keep going. I am trying to download the program for Couch Potato to 5k to my Ipod so that I can take Ava in the mornings for a walk/jog. I would love to get in shape and lose weight and just feel better about myself. One of my goals is to be able to run in a 5k, I know I wouldn't win, but I would love to just run in something and finish. My biggest goal would be to compete in a mini triathalon. I don't know if I could ever do it, I mean I guess I could. Is it impossible for someone who has gotten so out of shape?? I guess I won't know unless I try. Swimming is a sport I love and so is biking, it's the running I feel that will be my biggest obstacle. We'll see how it goes.

Well, I started writing this last night, but when Ava fell out of her bed I had to stop. So when I picked up the computer this morning to finish writing, I suddenly had so much more to write about. I should go out and take some pictures and maybe I'll have something interesting to blog about tonight. I hope you have a good Monday and your week goes by quickly. I can't wait for the three day weekend coming. Having my girls and Rusty home for an extra day will be so nice!

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This was so awesome; kind of like reading a journal/diary. Already sounds like so much to do in Georgia! Glad to hear abour farmer's market, church, gym, daycare, your house, toddler bed adn all your adventures! I love your creative writing! See you @ Becky's. Holly will soon be here! Love ya MOM