Friday, September 10, 2010

Silly Kids

I did the worst thing imaginable this morning. I overslept. That's right. And the kids were late for school. I admit that I failed already four weeks in to the school year. I don't even want to give my excuse, it's pathetic. However, they survived and made it to school, eventually. They were only 20 minutes late, so it wasn't that bad, ha. Mallorie couldn't have handled missing owl pellet dissection!

I was watching America's Funniest Videos with Hannah yesterday and she made me laugh so hard. If you aren't a big Napoleon Dynamite fan then this won't be funny to you.
We were watching a video clip and it was a girl with big, 90's fluffed bangs. Hannah immediately says, "Summer Wheatley!".
She is so my daughter. And I'm so glad she loves Napoleon as much as I do!
Ava calls me MomMom now. I think it has something to do with calling Mally something that sounds similar. Anyway, she always calls me MomMom and I absolutely love it.  

When we moved in to this new house we quickly found out that we don't have enough junk to fill up all of the cabinets. So I gave Ava one of the cabinets in the kitchen to play in while I cook and one in the bathroom for her toys so that she can play while I do my hair and makeup. Anyway, she always gets in there and says byebye MomMom, but it sounds more like NyeNye MomMom. So cute. I'm just writing all of this so that I won't forget someday.
Hannah had her first chorus practice Thursday and apparently it wore her out. She came home and fell asleep on the couch after school. She loves to sing so much and I hope she continues to love it.
Ava wants to show everyone her big girl bed. Like I said, she'll sleep in there no problem, but usually gets up in the middle of the night and gets in my bed with me. She's only fallen once, but since it's so close to the ground it doesn't really upset her. Who would've thought that all we needed to do was take the front off the crib to get her to sleep in there?!?

She's pretending to sleep, which I think it so funny. She can't quit smiling when she does it, so she's not very convincing, but occasionally she'll lay down in your arms and close her eyes and you think she's going to sleep, but then she starts smiling and giggling. Sometimes you forget that even though they are little that they still know how to joke around.

For a long time Ava didn't really pay attention to books or even cartoons, but lately all she wants is to be read to. Her very favorite book is Goodnight Moon. I mean, she wants you to read it to her 15 times in a row. Hannah even sings it to her. We all have it memorized and thankfully it's a very sweet book so we don't mind reading it a couple of times.

I don't know what our plans are for this weekend. I was supposed to be in Oklahoma this weekend meeting my new niece, but she decided she isn't quite ready to make her appearance, so I (amazingly) was able to reschedule my flight and car rental for two weeks from now. The amazing part about that is that the newer flight was cheaper so now I even have a credit for the next time I fly. Can't beat that! Maybe I'll be able to have another quick weekend to see her! I am so excited!!!

I think this weekend we'll watch some college ball and try to finish unpacking the rest of the boxes that are taunting me everytime I walk into the garage. All I want is to be able to open the garage and not see anymore boxes, so that's my goal for the weekend! I hope yours is nice and you have nice weather.


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Anonymous said...

Looks like someone knows how to play Peek-A-Boo & "I'm peeking". You gotta love it!! Love Ya MOM