Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Love Them

Warning you now, there are a lot of pictures in this post!

We went over to our playground and played for a while yesterday. It was so pretty. Low eighties, sun low in the sky. They played and played while I stuck my camera in their faces, like usual.
We went to another church this morning. We're going to give it another try. They had an awesome sermon, children's church was amazing (even Mallorie liked it) and the nursery had lots of kids Ava's age for her to play with. The only thing missing for us was the worship. Don't get me wrong, the worship team was great, but no one in the congregation was singing, or praising. Something I've never experienced before. We are thinking maybe they were playing some new songs the congregation had never heard before. Anyway, like I said, we will be giving this church another try. It was hard not to have people worshipping around you. SO strange.
When I was going over these pictures before I posted, they looked good, but for some reason on this blog they seem to look a bit wonky. If they seem weird to you, sorry. I was just so happy that my big girls allowed me to get a few shots of them today.

They're getting so big. When we got close to our house tonight, Rusty let them sit in his lap in the car and drive a bit. Ummm, don't call CPS, we weren't on a main road or anything. Mallorie got so stressed she cried and screamed a few times. Hannah ran up onto some one's grass. It was hilarious. Rusty asked me not to post that, but like I could just let that go!?! They had a blast! So, let's just keep that our little secret, thanks!
Ava turns 19 months old tomorrow. This is crazy! Plus, all of a sudden her vocabulary is starting to take form. She is starting to repeat what we tell her to say. Our favorites are Wow! simply because of how annimated she is when she says it, and No. I know that "no" isn't anything that most babies can't say, but Ava says it for everything. She also like to pretend she's going to give you a kiss on the cheek and at the last minute she'll stick her tongue out and lick you and then laugh. Sometimes she isn't so subtle and just licks you. She keeps us laughing, such a good sense of humor.
This next picture was so forced. I even had to count to three to make her look at the camera, ha!
It makes me think of the sermon we heard yesterday. It's basically a parenting 101 course out of the Bible and I loved it. Like I said before, the sermon was great, it was just the worship. Anyway, Hannah is way beyond thinking we're cool enough to hang out with.
Ava working out to P90X. Pull-ups aren't just for potty training!
As you look at the next few pictures I would say that you might start feeling sorry for Rusty, but he brings it on himself. Every since they were little he's been wrasslin' with the girls, so now that's what they do. And now that they're big, they can sometimes take him down.
Poor Ava, carnage from the wrasslin'.
Yes, they were biting his ankles. But like I said, don't feel sorry for him.
I can't wait to watch the video from this.

You know how I said that I was planning on working on the garage all weekend. Well, I did and I am almost done. Rusty helped me move some stuff around and empty some more boxes. Our recycling truck only comes every other week, so we can't get rid of those boxes very fast, but we load that can with as many as we can at a time. Mallorie's bookshelf that "lost" some of their shelves during the move is now working perfectly as a storage place for all of our sports equipment. Rollerblades, basketball, skateboard, swimming stuff, etc. It all fit. Perfect use for something that I thought we were going to have to trash!

This week I'm making it my goal that we don't wake up late, ha. Really, I just want to work out on my Couch Potato to 5k program and hopefully avoid the horrible ankle blisters from my new running shoes....ouch! Then finish unpacking most of the boxes as a surprise for Rusty. Oh, and I have less than a month until Hannah and Mallorie's birthday, so I've got to get my list together. I am so undecided on what to get them. I've got to put my thinking cap on!

I hope you have a wonderful week. Talk to you soon!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog! The girls look so different from when David and I saw them last...and it doesn't seem like that long ago, how fast they change!
Miss you all.

-the Rudnitsky clan

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! love all the pics. Have a great day. Love ya MOM