Monday, September 13, 2010

This & That

Just total randomness...

I did my Couch Potato to 5k workout again last night. This time the kids took their scooters and survived the workout. I completed the whole workout and ran at each interval, yay! I decided to start completely over since I got such bad blisters on the backs of my heals the first time I did it and wasn't able to put my shoes back on for several days. These were so painful! Last night only one of them hurt and bled all over the back of my shoe...I'm pretty sure that makes me ultra hard-core! Go me! I shall go buy better socks tomorrow. Amen.

I hope you like my new blog look? I am never happy with the way it looks, but I love the black and it'll make my colorful pictures pop. I want to figure out how to make a cool header up top. Got any hints?? Let me know!

I organized all of the kids' crayons, markers, pencils, etc. today. Let me just say that I had to use shoe boxes. There are a lot of supplies. I came up with a rhyme today while organizing. It is so bad that I'll save you the 10 seconds of your life you would waste reading it.
Moving on.
Did you know that they never had to buy school supplies when they attended California public schools (hello crazy debt for California School Districts), so I have tons of supplies. Since those supplies weren't unpacked when they started school here I bought them more stuff. But, who doesn't love fresh new school supplies? I love picking out all that stuff. It's a right of passage, or something like that. Anyway, now we have tons of craft supplies and they're all nice and neat...for now.

We decided to let Hannah and Mallorie paint their dressers. As soon as the garage is finished we are going to take them down there and paint them. Hannah wants hers purple with white handles. Mallorie wants something. She hasn't said just yet. I'm thinking she'll go with a red. I am going to paint my small armiore (that is now full of school supplies) a dark turquoise and maybe a different color inside. I'm so bored with our bland brown, black and white color scheme. I'm busting out of the mold and pouring bright colors into my life! It might have something to do with all the windows we have in our house. Every time you look outside all you see is bright green grass, big green trees and blue skies. So pretty! And soon it'll be fall colors back there, ooh I can't wait. I'm sure I haven't mentioned that I love fall.

If anyone is interested, I need a decorator at my new house. Lordy, I need help! I just do not have an eye for anything. I like my kitchen, but that's easy. Rusty mounted the tv above the fireplace and now I don't know what to do with that area. I just need to get some artwork or something. Now, if you're going to be my designer you'll need to know ahead of time that you'll have to pay for your own flight here and well, I can't really pay you. Also, I have no idea what kind of look I like. Let's just say that if Anthropologie threw up in my house I'd be in heaven. So basically my sister will probably be the only one who will volunteer. That's okay since she's better at it than I am.

If you're still reading this, thanks. I don't know why. I had something I wanted to blog about, but then I forgot because I was having to strain my brain too much while helping Mallorie with her math homework last night. It was lame, too. It was only fractions and decimals and then changing fractions to decimals to see if they were equal, less than or more than. I got hung up on one and then decided I should probably re-teach myself this stuff because math is not her favorite subject and if I had problems with something that easy, then I'm in trouble! I'm figuring I may end up needing to hire a tutor for them in highschool if they don't get it on their own, because they're in trouble if they depend on me!

One more thing. Yesterday morning the electricity on our block was out when we woke up. It's still dark here when we get up and get ready for school, so you couldn't see your hand infront of your face when we woke up. Rusty asked me to check my phone for the time and as soon as I did the light on my phone turned on and there was Mallorie standing right next to my side of the bed scared to death! Good grief that scared me! I told her next time to call out my name or something. My gosh! Rusty and I were both spooked, ha. She got into bed with me and couldn't quit shaking, poor kid. Needless to say we had a good time getting ready by candle light and of course, the electricity came back on right after the kids left on the bus.

I hope you have a good day. I'm just going to try decorating my bedroom. Wish me luck. I really do struggle in that department.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...I laughed & laughed at the no lights episode. I can imagine how early ya'll have to get up in the morning, it is quite dark. I can see flashlights & batteries at the top of your "must buy" list. Get a pink one for Mallie. Have a good day. Love MOM