Thursday, June 17, 2010


The WEIRDEST thing happened last tonight. Before I tell you about it, though, let me give you whole back story, er, blog filler as I like to call it.

Rusty and I are in the midst of getting the house ready to be inspected by our landlord. A while back we had some people over and one of the said people walked into our screen door. It was hilarious, but I totally understand how it could happen. From the outside looking in, you can hardly see it at night. Since then, a whole lot of other people have walked into it. Including Rusty. Several times! Anyway, over all the times it has been run into, it started ripping at the bottom. Then along comes a little toddler named Ava who likes to pick at things. I have a pair of purposely ripped jeans that had "cool" rips in them and she has stuck her finger into the holes so many times that now they're all stretched out and are most certainly NOT cool jeans.

Man! How do I always get so off topic. Well, Miss Ava has pulled and yanked on that screen so many times that it fully ripped. Then, because it made us laugh she started climbing through the ripped screen door. And since she can't be outside by herself I've been having to keep the back glass door closed when I'm too busy to take her outside. Which if you remember living in SoCal we don't have AC in our house and rely on the cool breeze to cool our house. Except when you can't open your big back door. Needless to say, it's been warm. So tonight we went to home depot to get the screen door fixed.

Okay. So now I can tell what was so weird. On our way to the Home Depot we saw two cars with Georgia license plates. Not only that, but one was a Lexus (where Rusty will be working) and they were both from the county we are moving to. The first one I was shocked and texted my mom immediately. On the second one, not five minutes later in a total different area, I screamed. And the second one was an old Ford, so I know it wasn't abunch of Lexus people from Georgia out stalking us. (That was a joke.)

Anyway, that was insane to me. I know that I have a boring life if that was the most exciting thing that happened in my day, but how often does that sort of thing happen? It was awesome.
This kid had a horrible day today.First she woke up from her nap and must have slept too hard or too long, whatever it was, she was in a horrible mood. I took her outside with me while I picked up some stuff and in that time she apparently stepped on some cactus. I still can't figure out where she did, but the fact remains, she had a patch of itty bitty cactus needles across the bottom of her foot. I took her in and had Hannah and Mallorie dance and act silly to keep her attention on them while I tweezed the needles out. She was an unhappy girl. Then, while I was sending a realtor an email I heard a loud thud and a scream. She was in the bedroom with Hannah, so I ran in and Hannah was swooping her off the floor. She had fallen off of Hannah's bed. I grabbed her and took her into the other room to check her over. Suddenly I saw blood on my hand and checked her mouth. She was bleeding from somewhere. Turned out to be that tiny piece of skin above her two front teeth. Thankfully her little teeth were still strongly attached. She now has a fat upper lip and what looks to be some red spots that will be a bruise tomorrow. It was so sad. And once again, I confirmed that I wasn't winning the title of mommy of the year. I felt so bad. I know she's going to fall and that's just part of being a kid, but poor baby.

Hopefully today will be a better day. We're going to stay around the house and pack and get ready for our garage sale this Saturday. I hope you have a great Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

Poor just wasn't a good day. But today is another day & I bet she is fine!!! That is so awesome about the two plates from your future Georgia home! Hugs to all of you. MOM