Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Georgia Peaches

I am the worst blogger ever! I just can't get my act together to just sit down for a few minutes and write what is going on around here. I have certainly been distracted lately.

If you're my friend on Facebook, then you probably read my post the other day announcing that we're moving. Rusty and I found out about job opening for Lexus in the South and applied for it. That lead into a whirlwind of multiple interviews and stress. Honestly, it felt like I was holding my breath for an entire week waiting to hear if he was going to get the job.

I know Rusty's talented and very good at what he does, so I always felt that he would get the job, but until you hear that offer, then you just can never be sure. We'll be living outside of Atlanta, Georgia which is still not that close to family, but that's okay with us. It's about half the distance that living in LA was. I don't think we'll ever be the type of people that live in the same town as our family. There definitely isn't anything wrong with living near family, infact it would probably be very nice, but we just don't have a lot of options for work in that area. Cool thing is, the place is smaller than LA (much smaller) and still a little bit city so we're not out in the boonies. I can't wait!!

So the plan for now is to get everything packed ASAP and then the girls and I are leaving on our previously scheduled vacation. While on vacation, Rusty and I will take a house hunting trip and then leave the kids with our families and head back to Cali to pack a truck up and move. Are y'all tired yet? Cause I am. I know we can do it and I know that God is providing all of our needs, but I will be honest and say that thinking about all that I have to do is making me nervous. Nervous that I won't get everything done in time.

This whole thing has been a God thing, if you know what I mean. It's absolutely the perfect time for us. The kids will be out of school, Hannah will be starting 5th grade (which is so imortant, I never wanted to move her once she started middle school), my mom and dad will be able to watch the kids for us as they aren't at work during that time. Everything is just lining up so nicely.

It's just time to get out of here. I've said it on here several times. I do not like it here. I love my girlfriends and the friends Rusty and I have made, but LA is just not home for me. I am constant high alert for mine and my kids' safety. I can't sleep at night without checking the doors and windows several times. It's crowded, polluted and just not a place I want to spend the rest of my life. There have been some interesting lessons learned here that I will never forget. Plus...we had a baby here, for that I will always have ties to this place. DId you know that all of our kids have been born a different state? I think it's so funny, as our plans go though, we're done having kids. So no Georgia Peaches for us.

I hope you'll rejoice with us for the blessing of this new job. I know all the praying and patience I have been working on have paid off. God is not only opening the door for this new journey, he's opening the floodgates! Everything is lined up I just ask you to pray for safe traveling for us and that we'd find the perfect house for our family!
Have a great week.


sbeudy said...

Moving is hard and I have done it plenty of times and will probably end up doing it a lot more. Andy and I have come to the conclusion that we aren't meant to stay in one place for too long. We are used to moving every 2.5yrs and have been in San Antonio for a lil over 5yrs. I am going crazyyy!! He put in for a job in Florida working for his old boss which he loved so hopefully everything will work out and we will end up in a place we LOVE and won't want to move every few years. Good Luck with your move and safe travels. I hope you and Rusty find a place that makes you guys happy and never want to move again. :)

ashley anthony said...

yay for moving back to the south! i like the new layout, too.

AmyB said...

Wow! Congrats! You'll only be an 8 hour drive from us now :) Or a quick direct flight now that we have service to Atlanta! Ha! Very happy for you. Keep blogging it while you're on vacation!

Anonymous said...

Soooo excited. A day's drive is so much better than 24 hr drive!!
We are rejoicing with you & Rus!
God has indeed opened the floodgates on this move. Love & hugs, MOM