Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Alright, so I have a horrible habit that I try regularly to break. Sometimes I do great, sometimes I am horrible. I bite my nails. I've always done it, for as long as I can remember. My mom did when she was younger and now my girls do it too.

The most horrible thing happened Monday. Ava started biting her nails!! Her thumb nail was a little long, so maybe she was just doing it because her nail was bothering her, but she was constantly sticking it in her mouth and chompin' down on that little fingernail. She's only 15 months old, who knew she would know to put her nail in her mouth?! Then yesterday she bit her first finger. She didn't do it too much, but I don't want her to start doing it regularly. I don't want her to be like me!

Then I told her today that it was time to go get her sisters from school. She loves when it's time to go. She usually gets whatever she wants to take, like her purse or a my purse, or toy and stands at the door waiting for me. Today I made her wait a few minutes so she started playing over by the door. When I turned around she was standing with her nose in the corner. Funny thing is, Hannah had just stood in the corner the day before for doing something she wasn't supposed to. I guess Ava decided she would like to stand in the corner as well. I couldn't stop laughing.

(sorry for the poor quality, I took these with my Blackberry)
She mocks everything we do these days and it is so funny. I am constantly reminding the girls to watch how they behave because Ava is going to want to do exactly as they do. When they start fussing with each other, Ava will sometimes start right in with them. You can't understand anything she says, but we laugh even though we probably shouldn't. When they are in the backyard and Ava wants to go out there with them, she stands out on the back porch and yells to them until they come help her down the stairs.

She also took off her diaper today and went to the bathroom on the floor, but I don't know where she got that because we don't play that way. Just kidding, sort of, she did take her diaper off and "go", but she's been wanting to go the potty, so I guess she just figured why not just go. Makes sense, right?

Let me tell you how it happened so you won't think poorly of me, like I don't watch my baby or something. While I was getting dinner together, I had Hannah play with her for a few minutes. I guess they went into the bathroom. Ava knows that you go the potty in there, so instinctively she removed her diaper (which she just figured out how to do yesterday) without Hannah knowing. When Hannah didn't put her on the potty, she must have decided to go in my floor. No one even noticed because she was wearing a dress that covered her bottom. Then Hannah went outside and they were playing and suddenly Hannah yells to me that Ava didn't have a diaper on. Ummmm, yes she did, I just changed her! Well, I grabbed her and put a diaper on her and told the kids to find her other one to see if she had used it and to get in the trash. There it was in bathroom floor right next to the potty, clean as a whistle. But I couldn't find any urine or wet spots in the house, so I thought we were in the clear. My gosh, it's never that easy! Try in the living room next to her rocking chair. And it wasn't a wet spot. Gag. I got it cleaned up really well and decided that Ava will no longer be able to wear something that has easy access to her diapers until she has a potty to use

So, now that you know way too much information about how fun my day is, you must be so jealous, ha! Hey, maybe she'll be potty trained soon! I'll have to go buy her a little potty and maybe, just maybe, I can get her out of the diapers soon. That would be so wonderful.

I can't believe it's already Wednesday. Have a great one!


ashley anthony said...

when i was about 7, my 2 year old cousin was potty training, and she had not a diaper, but a pair of those thick white training pants (this was before pull-ups, man i feel old!). we were playing in the kitchen, and she said, i have to go. i said, so go, and she did, right in the middle of the kitchen floor! apparantly, you have to tell a 2 year old to wait till she is on the potty before you "go". heheh

Anonymous said...

I can't keep from laughing!!! Never a dull moment at the Brown house! Love ya MOM