Friday, May 21, 2010

License and Registration Please

Sometimes the girls work together so well. Here they had gotten their balloon stuck in some of the low branches on the tree. They of course couldn't reach it and I wasn't about to get it for them right away. It's so much fun to watch them try to solve a problem.
Yes, this looks like a wonderful idea, Hannah! She quickly realized that it wouldn't work out the right way. So, I was nice and got the balloon down. They're too funny.

Guess who is an artist now....

Well, is that my wall????

Yes it is! Thanks Ava! I've always wanted blue crayon walls!

And I have to say that the title of this picture has to be....
"I'm going to need to see your license and registration"
I got her and her cousin Tyler some little sunglasses at Children's Place yesterday. I couldn't get over the cuteness of the these. She won't leave them on very long, but when she does, it's just so sweet!
I took her to the doctor yesterday for her 15 month checkup. She's a whole 22.2 lbs and still in the 50th percentile. She hasn't grown very much since she was at her 12 month checkup, but the doctor said she's doing really well! We're right on track with her milestones and she had to get two mean old shots. The first one she didn't even cry, but the second one must have burnt because she was very upset. Poor girl.
Right here, at that moment her Daddy got home from work. You can see the excitement in her eyes!
And he got lots of kisses!
Even Mally got kisses!!
Rusty is off today, so we're keeping a friend's baby. We'll probably go to the park and let them play. I'm just glad Rusty is home for the day. His day off is always so nice. I know one thing for sure. I will get to catch up on some laundry.
I hoe you have a good Friday and a fun weekend.

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