Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm sure I've said it before, but it is worth saying again. Hannah, my oldest daughter, can be such a wonderful and loving big sister. And in the evenings when I am cooking dinner when Ava turns into a monster who I don't know, that won't quit whining, Hannah turns into the best playmate I could ever ask for! Seriously, I don't think I could put dinner on the table most days without Hannah's help. Ava is very busy now and also very whiny in the evenings so I need all the help I can get. Occasionally Mallorie helps out too, but she doesn't have quite the patience that Hannah has. I guess that's pretty understandable, she was the baby until a year ago.

So yesterday while I was cooking and Ava was whining, Hannah took her outside to walk around. Walking around eventually turned into digging a hole. Which turned into a big ol' mess!
But I don't care. How could I? I mean, this is the same kind of mess I used to make as a kid playing outside and I remember how much fun I had. Plus, just look at that "pose"! This girl is learning to work the camera for sure!

At least her big sisters aren't making her eat mud pies. Not that I would have ever done that. Nope.
Today Ava and I planted our herbs in pots in the back yard and watered the grass. We're getting on a system to have green grass. She has such fun. I let her hold the hose to water the grass and she thought that was so big. Tomorrow we'll be planting our tomato plants and some jasmine. There is nothing I love better then trying to make my flower gardens look and smell pretty. Usually, I kill everything within two weeks, but this time I have a plan and a schedule. I hope everything stays alive. So far it's looking pretty good.

Sorry I keep taking these long blogging breaks. I don't mean to, but I am so exhausted every night from a wild and crazy 1 year old who doesn't believe in going to bed before 10 at night. Saying all of that, she's also a lot of fun. In the last few days she's learned to say trash, no, and what we think is sissy. She still calls me Daddy sometimes, but when I ignore her she'll eventually say Mmmmmmmmoma. Like it takes her a second to get it right and remember what to call me. I think it's hilarious. Oh, and maybe this is too much information, but this is kind of my journal to keep up with our life so I want to make sure I remember this. I've been putting her on the potty before our evening baths. She doesn't go, but she knows what you're supposed to do, so I am hoping that will ease us into potty training. I'd like to start really trying when she's about 18 months old. She's so smart I know she can do it no problem. She already takes so many commands. For example, throwing things away, taking toys to their proper room, going to the bathroom, and leaving the house, just to name a few.  I told my Mom that I know Hannah and Mallorie must have done the same thing, but I just can't remember it. It amazes me to see my child's brain working and her beginning to understand what I am saying to her.

My mom was here last weekend as well. She tries to come every year around her birthday, which is also usually the same weekend as Mother's Day, so I get a treat for Mommy's Day as much as she does. This year we played Bunco (and kicked butt) and then on Mother's Day we headed to Disneyland for some much needed entertainment for all of us, but especially Hannah and Mallorie. But this time, even Ava had a great time. We went on several rides that were just for toddlers and she laughed and smiled and danced to music. She stood in line and acted like such a big girl. Rusty keeps asking her when she turned into a toddler and it's true, she suddenly stopped being a baby. Mom went back to Texas on Monday and we've missed her so much. We made our travel plans to go see them for summer and we're getting to stay for a long time. I can't wait. I know it will be hotHothot, but we'll enjoy every second of it.

I guess that's all I have for today. Ava is finally down for a nap and I am going to wash the dishes (hopefully) and find some good research pages for Mallorie's school project. I hope you have a great Thursday. I can't believe to week is already coming to an end, I am so glad. I look forward to this weekend. So far, it sounds like we don't have any plans. Ahhh. Sounds so nice! Oh! And I watched Blind Side last night and I loved it. I was kind of afraid it was going to be hokey, but it was a nice film. Rusty's going to have to watch it with me tonight. I certainly won't mind watching it again.

Alright, have a great day!


sbeudy said...

Blind side is a great movie. We watched it together and I was a lil leary, but turned out to be a movie I don't mind watching more than once.

Anonymous said...

Cute pics. Ava has a satisfied look on her face as she plays in the dirt. Something peaceful about getting your hands in dirt... Blind Side is a great movie! One of those that you can watch & enjoy multiple times. Again, I had a blast. Thanks for sharing Mothers Day. Love ya. MOM