Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Worst Picture of the Year!

I could not quit laughing while taking this picture today of the girls at the park. Ava wanted down (obviously), Mallorie was yelling that she was going to fall, and Hannah was hidden in the background like a stalker with a freaky hand hovering on the right side of the tree. Everything about this picture just makes me laugh, especially when I think of the chaos that was happening at the same time.
I took the girls to the park today to get some wiggles out and had so much fun. I was surprised at how much Ava could do. I took her to the slides and held on to her as she slid down, but soon she was trying on her own. She went down backwards too. Maybe because Mallorie was doing it with her, but she was such a daredevil!
I took them to MickyD's for some ultra-nutritional lunch and the girls got little dragon toys for that new movie that came out. Ava carried it everywhere. She played with it and even made it "talk". Umm, when did she stop being a baby?
See above? She and Hannah were playing dragons in the sand. Her playing only lasts a minute or two because she gets bored so easy. But while she does play, it's quite fun to watch!
OH, and the static electricity in her hair was hilarious! She already has pretty wispy hair, but it was standing straight up today.

So, I found these pictures on my phone that were recent and I had to write about them because they are "kind of" milestones.

1. Her first kid's meal. I did it right and took her to Chick-fil-A. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! They give a bowl of fruit with their little nuggets and a milk. She LOVED it!
2. No more fear of the beach. She didn't freak out on the sand at the beach. Rusty and I took her down there a couple of weeks ago and put her down. She didn't go anywhere, but she didn't cry either. So we were pretty impressed. I am taking her back this week with some of our girlfriends. Hopefully she'll enjoy herself. I'll be taking her new beach toys.

Well, we're are really enjoying our Spring Break. The weather is perfect and the girls have been playing outside all day. Yesterday we did nothing but watch some movies and run a few errands. We got a Blueray DVD player that also hooks to the internet so we can watch Netfix movies on our tv instantly. While there aren't a ton a newer movies to watch, there are a lot of great classics. We've been getting caught up. This morning they got up early and watched An American Tail. The one where Fievel goes to America. Love that movie. I guess we'll hit up the beach one day and maybe a movie one day. They are dying to see Wimpy Kid, so I guess I'll take them. It's not like I secretly want to see it too....

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Anonymous said...

Each blog is such a wonderful story...we love keeping up with the daily ins & outs of the Brown girls; I keep thinking today's post is the best ever & then you create another one! Dad & I enjoy each & every one. Don't stop. THANK YOU,Sarah. Hugs. MOM